Over at Lake Nan we have been paying homage to some old childhood memories by getting down and dirty on my old Nintendo 64.  Super Smash Brothers nearly never leaves the console, unless for a quick nine innings on “Ken Griffy Jr.’s Major League Baseball.”  The games of Smash can get pretty heated, and about 80 percent of people that come over have had at least some history playing that game before.  Needless to say, there is plenty of intense battles and trash-talking whenever the N64 is out.  Not only that, but across the street Steve McMurtrie is always shredding Super Smash on his Wii.  So we decided that before moving out for the summer we had to settle it once and for all with a full on Super Smash Brothers tournament.  All the heavy hitters were in attendance, and also even a few spectators (not really).  It was a typical tournament bracket, going from 8 to 4 to 2 to 1 winner, like the Toe Jam.  There were also some rowdy team battles.  After the N64 battle (champion: yours truly; team champs: Darren Manzari and I), we headed over to Steve’s for the Wii part of the tournament, where Jeff McMurtrie blasted everyone out of the park, and Steve and Ham took home the team battles victory.  One game, four controllers, and a whole lot of bro’s.  See ya’ll next year, let the trash talking begin!