clint testing it out

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Photo: Geery

This weekend Fort Worth, TX will witness what could potentially be the greatest show of legalized winching yet. This isn’t two short pools with menacing hubbas, but rather a legitimate winch gap with a few added obstacles for good measure. And everything is officially ready to go for Saturday’s 10 AM start time.

Today’s practice, however, was another story. In that, there really was none. Instead Clint and a few local Texans spent the day building, tweaking, and making sure everything was perfect for the event day. Of course, in a perfect world it wouldn’t have rained for the previous ten days and everything would have already been built in time the riders arriving from Austin and Orlando. But it was a wakeskate event. So they weren’t.

So why am I writing a story, you ask? Well, a little delay is no reason to just sit around, so when Steve Campbell and Dieter Humpsch showed up, we rallied over to Texas Mastercraft to ride “the down and back.” George Daniels was in tow and they all took a set while the construction continued.

We got back just in time for an impromptu flat bar skate session and just before dark the set up was finally done. Only Clint stepped to hitting it, testing each obstacle and giving them a thumbs up. The options include a flat box, an incline, a wall ride and a kicker, in addition to the natural gap. So needless to say, if you’re in Texas, get your ass over here, and if not, stay tuned for the full story.