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We’re introducing a new feature on Alliance Wakeskate, the You Choose polls. We’ll be doing these every so often to find out what you think about various hot button topics facing the sport of wakeskating. The way it works is simple: we’ll give you a topic and a few choices, you check the boxes and we all get to see who/what really matters. What’s the point? There isn’t one really, but isn’t voting fun?

For the first installment we figured we’d let you prove us wrong (or even agree with us) and back track a little bit to the 2009 Superlative awards. We already told you what we think and why, but this time the decision is up to you. So let your voice be heard, or at least, kill a few minutes at work. And if we didn’t provide the answer you want, well, that’s what the comments are for!

Rider of the Year

In 2009, this was no easy decision, in fact, we opted to give a shared award. But you only get to vote for one rider (and we threw in a few more worthy people for good measure,) so let us know what you think.

Rider of the Year

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Rookie of the Year

Every year wakeskating gets a new crop of talented riders, and this can be one of the hardest choices to make. We did it, and now it’s your turn: which new face made the biggest splash in 2009?

Rookie of the Year

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Most Improved

Getting better at wakeskating is one of the reasons it’s so much fun. But every year a few riders just get more better than others. So this award is for them. You can see who we chose here, but you make the call on this one.

Most Improved

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Video of the Year

Wakeskating was graced with some truly great videos in 2009, but which one did you like the best? Our award is here, but again, this is all you.

Video of the Year

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Video Performance of the Year

It takes a lot of make a great video section, people film for months, even years to do it. We already narrowed it down to one in our minds, but here are six from 2009 for you to pick from.

Video Section of the Year

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15 Responses to “The Alliance “You Choose” Poll”

  1. James Says:

    Andrews remote little video he just made for section of the year 2009!!

  2. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    “I think I’m gonna like this democracy stuff!” – Rusty Griswold

  3. Tim B Says:

    Seriously how did the “authorities” at alliance ever come to name Reed Hansen rider of the year – I think the public vote will show on this they were wrong – style matters – Reed is getting there and some of his stuff is blowing me away but we shouldn’t settle for someone that does something to do it rather than the right way. Anyone willing to argue about this should think about a few tricks – representative of Reed: 1st ever kickflip bs lip at CWC on down ledge very cool trick but doing V-flip into a gammy back lip is not the same as kickflip caught then back lip – someone will do this the right way soon and deserve to have the right to claim they did the trick 1st. Also those wake to switch front bigs grabbed and then spun round with his hand – dsgusting and should be outlawed.

    After that little rant the bs5 and inward heel he did recently were awesome but previously mentioned tricks and others like it should mean he was barred from rider of the year for making wakeskating look like shit.

  4. Vince Says:

    sure he landed a bunch of firsts,but its not like hes going out there just to do these tricks just to say hes done them, or to even be the first. the fact that he is pushing himself to do these tricks and is doing them clean is the reason reed is on that list, time and time again he has shown everyone that the limits to what can be done on a wakeskate are almost endless. this is sposta be a fun sport, no ones out to cut eachothers throat, when we’re out on the water we can do whatever the hell we want!

    sorry about the kickflip back lip, i guess we arent all as core as you.

  5. tim b Says:

    Sorry to all that def came out way too neg. My opinion is that Reed deserved to be on the list this year but not number one – I think if we rewarded the style aspect this year (I would have gone Andy P) then Reed would likely come back and win it in the years to come, and those new tricks might just have to wait another few weeks or months until they get landed better and then get published – sure thats hard if someone grabs your trick 1st and there is no obvious threshold on style its all opinion. But if I was editor of the mag of vid (full part not online) then I would have chosen not to run those tricks – similarly Reed would likely have won the comps he did without those tricks and maybe would have deserved more credit for hanging back. We’re not all gonna be Nick Taylor but we do want to reward the right things – the pole will be interesting. I think Byerly has always done well on this score with appointing the judges for toe jam events – they seem to reward the right things and ensure the sport is being pushed the right way. ps sorry again for the neg everybody :)

  6. Shane Says:

    Yeah you’re right, that did come out obnoxiously negative. Have you seen Reed ride? He doesn’t do it just to do it – he does it because it’s what he loves, and what he is naturally amazing at. He’s pushing himself in ways others haven’t before – not just landing numerous firsts, but he’s perfected and gone beoynd the basics with tricks that have been around for ages. He’s taking the sport to a whole new level and he completely deserved the award.

  7. James Says:

    Shane…. and Andrew Pastura is not taking the sport to a whole new level…Im sorry but the backside 5 has not opened my mind to many new things but all the new tricks Andrew has landed, made me think wow the possibilities on a wakeskate are endless…whats new after a 5 w2w? a front 7?…Im sorry thats not pushing wakeskating to a whole new level.

  8. sk82destroy Says:

    hate, hate, hate, hate! whats wrong with you guys. Tim b came right outta the shoot talkin a bunch of nonsense. all these riders are super bad ass, they are all friends, and they all push the sport together. one rider cannot push the sport by himself, it takes a collection of riders to push each other in order to raise the bar. and how can anyone be called “rider of the year” if they’re not out winning contests. Most people get their exposure to extreme sports by watching contests not by reading blogs. i spend time every day checking out all of the main wake sites as well as a number blogs and never have i seen such ridiculous comments. oh and by the way… the switch front big spun with the hand i believe was first done by grub and nobody every talked shit to him about it!

  9. Seth Cathy Says:

    hands down- best all around rider.

  10. thomas Says:

    doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  11. iseverybenjamming? Says:

    reed = trampoline
    andrew = skateboard

  12. respectable person Says:

    Wow, some nasty comments. Who are you people? Reed loves wakeskating. It has been such a blast watching him over the past years with all of his fellow riders. Reed just loves to ride. He loves the experience. Whether it be winching behind a 4 wheel truck, in a swamp canal behind a ski, at a rail park, cable park or on a lake with friends behind a boat, Reed just loves wakeskating. It has really been a fun journey watching as his adventures take him around the world riding with different people and unique locations. He has never backed down from trying something new even to the extent of broken bones, dislocations and deep blood gushing cuts up and down his legs, head and overall body. I have been around the water sports industry for over 35 years. The reality is that I have never seen anyone push a sport more than Reed. For an individual to be the first to land over 30 new tricks that no one in the world had ever done before is unheard of. That is progression. Reed has some of the most stylish photos I have ever seen produced in media. Is he perfect? Nope. Does he proclaim to be “all that?” Nope. Do you hear him downing other riders? Nope. Do you hear him reacting to negative comments? Nope. Does he get all upset when the judges miscalculate? Nope. Reed is not only an amazing rider but one of the most awesome individuals I have ever met. Reed is always encouraging current and new riders. He is impressed with the skills of fellow skaters like Balzer, Matt, Nick, Brian, Andrew, Scott, Dieter and so many other rider’s skills. He is always bragging on them. He helps others improve and he improves by riding with other riders. To Reed, that is what it is all about. I think you deserve your recent successes Reed. Anyone who works as hard as you do, deserves due recognition.

  13. ben Says:

    respectable…has a man crush

  14. droptop Says:

    Reed is the best hands down. Everything the respectable person says is true. Reed is an all around good person. Reed loves to win. Reed loves to crush his competition. Reed breaths, eats, sleeps, wakskating. He is a true person with heart and passion for his sport. For anyone not to agree that Reed isn’t rider of the year is a fool and doesn’t know much about the sport. How do other riders results compare to Reed’s 09 season? Oh what no comment?

    How’s this for a sucessfull year for Reed:

    09 Over-all Toe Jam champion
    09 World Champion
    09 National champion
    09 WBM wakeskater of the Year
    09 Readers poll Winner WBM
    09 Alliance poll winner

    You tell me who has more drive, desire and heart than Reed Hansen to perform on and off the water as well as him?

  15. Bear Says:

    Matt Manzari and Reed Hansen are hands down the best wakeskaters out there.


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