Irving, TX

I’m gonna give you one guess where this spot is…uh huh, Texas! And not only in Texas, but in the middle of the DFW area the gap mecca. The only bad thing about it is it hides in the shadow of some pretty important looking office buildings. The only time we can go here is on the weekends when every one is not at work, but that is why we have nicknamed it “the church.” It’s almost the holiest place you can go on a Sunday!

If your jumping down it, you have a very nice landing, which gets deeper the further out you go.  If you’re going up, it has a pretty good landing too — after you clear the rocks that are all over the top that is.

The drop it is super wide — like 50 ft — so you can jump it in different spots. It’s probably 30 ft to clear up or down and its maybe 7ft high. I’ll go ahead and tell you, I’ve never jumped it with out a little help. I made a sweet little ramp setup that I like to move around on it. Basically going up and down and any other way I can think that would be fun to hit. But don’t let it be said that it isn’t gnar cause one bad jump could definitely send you to the hospital — for a while!


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