A few months ago we did a story called “The Crews.” But what we found out was that we hadn’t even scratched the surface of the friend units driving this sport. In every region, every town, every lake, we found them. Groups of friends who ride together, push each other and enjoy wakeskating. So many in fact, we’re putting them up in two groups because our galleries couldn’t accommodate so much awesome. This is the Crews, part two (point 1).

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Indian Mound Boys

We’re going to start part two off like part one, with a little blast from the past. Before there was Cassette or Danny Hampson’s latest crew (we’ll get to that in the next part) there were the Indian Mound Boys. Not to say these guys never ride together anymore, but time and distance have made things tough. The IMB is more of a family than a crew. “We’re just a bunch of guys that grew up together and learned how to ride and live our lives together,” Danny said. “We have as much fun as possible and no one really cares about the silly stuff that comes along with the sport.”

Riding Location: The Florida Keys
Official Members: Kyle Bohannon, Topher Whightman, Lee Cash, Danny Hampson, Matt Hall, Ben Wieland, Thomas Warren, Mikey Hampson
Pull of Choice: Well, it used to be the old Sea Ray, then a Hyrdradine, then Little Red Riding Hood the Waverunner, spent some time behind a little Whaler and now it’s a Hyrdasport or whatever we get behind
Official Photographer: We take photos with our minds; most of the group is Native Americans so you can imagine how that would go.
Token Strapper: Were all strappers at heart. Kyle is the best though
Latest Video: Never really had a video. We made a little section called Good Vibes in High School that might still be floating around and everyone has had cameos in my part.

What makes your crew special?
Danny Hampson: We are cut throat and will skin you alive if you don’t have respect on the water.

How did you guys meet?
Danny: We all grew up and went to school together. Some of us have known each other for sixteen years at least.

How often do you ride together?
Danny: Hardly ever because now we all have our own things going on and live in different places but it used to be everyday. Man I miss the good old days.

The Bayou Boys

Down in the Bayou the wakeskate scene is strong. Known mostly for riding behind some unique boats, this Louisiana-based crew shreds glass, eats gumbo and is almost inseparable. (Well except Ryan Lemons who is spreading the Cajun flavor to Florida.)  In fact Blake and Josh are often hard to tell apart.

Riding Location: Amite River (A.R.L.O.B)
Official Members: Ryan Lemons, Josh Norman, Blake Steele, Mike Mcandrew, Mitchell Cobb, and Chip Hingle.
Pull of Choice: Lemons Craft, Sexual Chocolate, James Brown’s “Nautique” and Chip Hingle’s boat.
Official Photographer: Everyone of us. Mainly Mitchell though.
Token Strapper: James Brown and Valerie Hodges
Latest Video: Gas Money “Louisiana Style”

How did you guys meet?
Blake: Josh and I met Lemons because we used to see him on the river all the time. So Josh and I started skateboarding and seen Ryan downtown and started talking to him about wakeskating. Then he told us to come ride with him, so we did and now we always do. Then this year we always saw Mike and Mitch riding, so we got to know them and started riding together.


Texas seemed to float under the radar for years, but thanks in large part to this crew it is now on the map, and big time. It seems you can’t pick up a magazine without seeing Clint Tompkins doing something crazy on a mega gap. And between Charlie’s Blog Creative Juices and Clint’s blog Wet Signature, there is no shortage of coverage. “Clint finds new spots pretty much every day so we session a new spot almost every weekend, Charlie said. “We also have a great lake spot to ride at with 3 sick rails in a location that only jet skis are safe to be in.” With an endless supply of perfect winch gaps at their disposal, this crew is doing everything like they should in Texas, bigger.

Riding Location: Dallas/Ft Worth
Riders: Clint Tompkins, Beau Parker, Charlie Hewitt, Brian Marino, Wade Ross, and friends
Pull of Choice: Winch or Nunu (jetski boat)
Photographer/Videographer: Brian is usually on photos, and Charlie on Clint’s DVX ; it takes a good 5 man/1 dog crew to put yourself in a position to have a successful ride/get shots day.
Token Strapper: We like snowboarding?
Latest Video: 16mm/Video movie one of these days, but we do have a few clips.  Somebody buy me some film!  I’ll take some Kodak Vision2 50 D

What makes your crew special?
Charlie Hewitt: We like wakeskating a lot. We get to ride with Clint. We have so many winch spots in the DFW area.

How often do you ride together?
Charlie:  Without daylight savings time we are straight weekend warriors.  We all have daytime jobs except Clint, so we have to make the best of Saturday and Sunday. Spring, summer, and fall will be much more kind to us. Schedules lighten up considerably when the summer comes around then we wakeskate or skateboard everyday.

KC Crew

When you think about Kansas you might not think of a wakeskate epicenter. But thanks to the magic of “the crew” the scene there is strong and getting stronger. This is another with a cable scene to thank for their connection. Despite a relatively short season, the KC Crew makes the most of it riding the cable, winching and otherwise taking advantage of all the lower Midwest has to offer, and are always down to ride with people passing through.

Riding Location: KC Watersports, Clinton Lake, the ‘burbs
Official Members: Zach Roede, Reed Leible, Richard Bayly, Brad Arnold, Nick Schleicher, Chris Vaughn, Collin Haas, Mike Olson, Coco, BD, (your name here)
Pull of Choice: KCW, winch, Boston Whaler
Official Photographers: Sparky, Zach Roede, Brad Arnold, Rob Cattau
Token Strapper: Carter, Sparky, Stalker
Latest Video: I just got a video camera

What makes your crew special?
Brad Arnold: With a summer only a few months longer than Wisconsin’s, we ride as much as we can and as often as we can all get together from late March to October. KC Watersports has really helped our scene build from what started as basically nothing whatsoever into something with potential. We are all guys who just love getting out on the water and having a good time. We have met so many great people in the process and have had such good times doing so.  Oh and we also have a bitchin’ “team trip” where we road trip to TSR for Freezeride every February. Texas is where it’s at.

How did you guys meet?
Brad: We all met working or riding at KC Watersports actually. Our boss, Mike, is a wakeskater. A few of us work at the cable and a few of us are cable rats.

How often do you ride together?

Brad: As much as we can! Kansas City is not the biggest city in the world, but it seems like everyone lives at separate and opposite ends of town (KC is very spread out.) We just try to meet up at the cable or go winch with whoever wants to go. Sometimes Mike invites us out for some whaler action.

Hidden Lake Locos

Wakeskating on the west coast is different. The water rarely warms up, and everything is bigger and further apart. But against dramatic backgrounds the Hidden Lake locos make it happen. What’s interesting about this crew is they don’t all live in the same town. Rather than convenience, Hidden Lake Locos are a group solely through the love of wakeskating.

Riding Location: Hidden Lake, NV & The Delta, CA
Official Members: Grant Roberts, Keaton Bowlby, Rodrigo Donoso, Kyle Rowe, Ben Buserwini, Daniel Doud, Beans, Cosmo
Pull of Choice: the SS Skipper…
Official Photographer: Rodrigo Donoso, Kyle Rowe
Token Strapper: Daniel Doud
Latest Video: Fun Boots! or the next big thing coming to Wal-Mart and target: 2015

What makes your crew special?
Keaton: We consume large amounts of cheese steak.

How often do you ride together?
Keaton: frequently. We kinda all live together and trade off riding spots.



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