This past week Byerly, BT and I have worked our asses off modeling for the 2011 Nautique Catalog shoot behind the sickest new 210 I have ever seen! For real, we’re all convinced this new boat should be in Transformer’s 3. It will blast across bodies of water and then roll forward onto shore at 60 + mph to defeat the evil villain transformer right before Megan Fox’s first ever girl on girl makeout session in the rain to win best kiss of 2011! Man that would be great!

While hanging with BT we had the chance to talk about quite a lot, including the LAST TIME HE:

landed a new trick?

A month ago. It was a switch wake to wake indy backside 180, so now I can do them back to back. I’m super pumped on doing things back to back off the wake right now; BS 180’s, frontside 360’s and front bigs.

got a box of free stuff?

A week ago. It was a reef box full of fresh boardshorts, some sick new Byerly edition shoes, and t-shirts.

borrowed something of Grubb’s without asking?

A week ago. I borrowed some binoculars from his room to make sure the po-po’s weren’t out on the lake to give me another $130 ticket. The chicks in that other boat were looking good from far too.  Ha.

witnessed nudity in public?

PWT stop #2 in Texas. There was this porn star chick cruising around topless taking photo’s of the Action. From what I hear Bob Soven was pretty excited about it as well. ha.

you train-wrecked a DJ set?

PWT stop #2 in Texas when the topless pornstar chick walked in front of the stage.

Rode a wakeboard?

2 Years ago I took some laps around the OWC and invented a trick called the “ding dong” which basically ends with back flip off the dragon rail.

tried to speak a foreign language?

My mom’s from Puerto Rico so I took Spanish in High school. My teacher was shocked that I didn’t already know Spanish and she was always heckling me, so I switched to Latin to get her off my case.

got yelled at?

Chris Bischoff yelled at me at the Texas tour stop. It was my birthday too! Haha. It’s pretty funny though we were both all stressed out trying to run the PA system getting ready for the main event on Saturday. It takes A LOT  to figure out all those audio issues on such a big PA system, but we eventually got it dialed in and the event was a success. Bisch and I made up too.

had a haircut?

At least a couple years ago…This mop get’s most of its nutrition from the water of lakes all across the greater Orlando area. I’ll also shampoo it every couple days to make sure all the dreads stay even and don’t start clumping.

took a roadtrip?

We drove up to the Masters in Pine mountain, GA for the first time wakeskating has ever been accepted in the event. I was stoked to be there representing Nautiques and ended up the first ever Master’s Wakeskate Champion! I got this sick gold ring to prove it too!

cried during a movie?

I more or less cried during the last episode of Extreme Home Makeover. If you dont cry during that show then you dont have a heart.

ironed a shirt?

At a hotel in Vegas. We went out and partied with Dale Earnhart JR,. so I had to be looking fresh! Check out this pic!