I saw this “spot or not” a year or so ago driving down the Polk County Expressway.  When I saw hundreds of turkey vultures I had to pull over and when I did I saw two pretty sweet concrete banks that might be good for a ride.  Dan, Scott, and I went out there one morning and to see how the banks would slide.  There’s a lot reasons that make this place a ” not” including but not limited to:

-parking off the side of major highway that is regularly patrolled by state troopers

-chest high barbed wire fence to get the winch over

-blatant trespassing and creepy vibe from the scavengers hovering overhead

-Possibly the grossest water ever graced by a wakeskate unless some has ridden at a sewage/wastewater treatment plant.

We were determined to make this a spot though so Scott geared up first and gave it a try.  Without wetting it down the first try went pretty bad and Scott ended up with some serious road rash on his seat. Considering the conditions we all agreed Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) was probably more important than any more winch pulls so we moved on to other spots around the greater Polk County area.


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