From the look on Dieter's face entry fee's must have increased.

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Toe Jam is on this weekend at the projects and the set up is the most legit we’ve ever seen. They will be running a boat contest as well as the winch gap event which is always a crowd pleaser. This year the Toe Jam is the first stop of the five part series that is The Wakeskate Tour, and the responses have been overwhelming. Head on out to the projects at 9 AM Friday and Saturday to catch all the action. In the meantime, we caught up with some of your favorite pro’s to get the lowdown on what we can expect from the event.


Ben Horan: What were the best and worst parts of building the pool gap?

Best: it’s done and its all natural. Look at that beauty!

Worst: Silas sat inside the car with the AC running the whole time “working” on his phone.



Matt Hooker: Where the hell have you been?

-Back home in NY healing up my ankle and living the big city life. I’m here to judge the event and hang out, but I’ll be back on the deck soon…



Leo Labadens: What do you call that haircut?

-The “haultimate mullete.” It’s scary fast on the water and downtown people think I’m a local hipster.



Reed Hansen: How many snakes did you catch during the build?

-Just one actually, it was quite surprising. But we’ve been camping under stadium lights and there are some seriously viscous swarms of bugs.



Dieter Humpsch: Top five people you don’t want to ride against?

-Reed Hansen, the Pastura bros, Ben, and Nick Taylor. That’s definitely the top squad rolling into this weekend.



BT: Best trick predictions:

-I definitely think the winch gap will get the most tech. 3 flips, v flips, but personally I’m really looking forward to the boat event. After wake games the heat is on. I’m stoked to see Hampson killing it on boat again. A few of the guys and I have been riding some serious boat sets lately and putting together legit lines. Some of these dudes are falling less than wakeboarders do. Haha.



Silas: Which celebrities do you anticipate will make it out to the event?

-Johnny Depp just texted he’s stoked on the sport, there’s a couple other surprises that the crowd will be excited to see. I don’t want to name names, but one in particular plays with footballs for a living. Maybe Fred Durst too? I heard he’s on the scene lately…



George Daniels: Besides the fresh new 17 year old appearance, what other surprises do you have for us this weekend?

-Well when I was 17 I was world champion, so watch out with the negativity there bud, cause I’m bringing the heat. I’m ready to combo it up on the ledges and hubba’s in this winch gap. This setup is the sickest.