When I e-mailed Garrett Cortese for a lifestyle pic of Danny Hampson he replied “who doesn’t have a lifestyle pic of Danny?” Then I realized that Danny is a lifestyle pro: Constantly setting new standards of comfort and relaxation. It must be in his islander blood, but don’t let it fool you because when this man jumps on a skate, all hell breaks loose. Enjoy “this or that” with one of wakeskating’s greatest. 

Sand or snow: sand bro, toes in the water ass in the sand.



Boots or flops: boots and jeans.



Fishing or hunting: fishing always. Spearfishing mostly.



Blondes or brunettes: do you care?



Wood or compression molded: compression I love technology.



Beer or liquor: beer I gave up liquor for lent.



Sausage or bun: bun.



Street or tranny: tranny forever man!! Im getting old.



Cable or boat: 96 sport natique.

Danny keeping it real with the boat that started so many of wake’s great careers.

Dogs or cats: I love cats but dogs are the best, so both of them.



Fins or not: fins. I wish they were bigger.



Key West or Islamorada: Islamorada for life!!!! IMB fool!!! But I love key west too. The only bad thing about the keys is when your leaving.



Buffett or Marley: come on man! Buffett for life that shit plays through my head while I sleep.



Call or text: call me lets have a conversation.



Blondes or brunettes: does it matter.


Danny Hampson from Liquid Force films