Grant Roberts: A man of Mystery…


Mountains of the beach: Mountains have casino’s and the beach has waves. It’s a tough one.

Jean shorts or khaki’s: Jorts. I’m a wakeskater so I have to.

Fishing: Salt water or fresh: I caught a bass back in September. So let’s go fresh.

Tebow or Brady: Tebow. I saw a picture of a girl tebowing naked and it really sold me. Attach your email in the comments section and I’ll send it.

Patriots or Giants: Giants, but only cause they beat the niners. Raaaiiiderrrrrs.

R. Kelley or Boys II Men: Eazy is my boy but trapped in the closet is hilarious.

Blondes or Brunettes: Hybrids. Or day walkers.

Jibs: Build em’ or find em’: Find em’. Anything I build breaks. Never was to good with a hammer.


Grant was lucky enough to stumble across this jib in Orlando last fall for Fox’s “Spine and Swine.”


Truck or sedan: Truck. But I have a Tacoma and camper shell. So it’s by no means a cool truck.

I-Pad or I-Pod: I just bought a shuffle.

Frontside or Backside: I suck at both. We’re talking sexual right?

Boat or PWC: Boat. Send me to the moon.

Instagram or Twitter: Instagram. Nobody talks to me on twitter.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs. You ever see a cat on the popular page?  No.

Tits or ass: Personality. I’m gonna post this on Facebook so I want girls to think I’m sensible ; ) .


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