Tige MyWake Videos: Video of the Year – Wakeskate

Tigé MyWake Global Challenge continues to roll along and “Video of the Year” submissions are still flying in! Ty Morlang, Andrew Pastura, and Dieter Humpsch put together these wakeskate video parts for the contest. Be sure to watch each video, find your favorite and share it so that rider will win. For more info about the Tigé MyWake Global Challenge check out mywake.tige.com

4 Responses to “Tige MyWake Videos: Video of the Year – Wakeskate”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yeah Ty!

  2. shred stuff Says:

    sick! Pastura is just ridiculous

  3. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Yeah Dietahhh! looked like too much fun!

  4. josey wales Says:



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