If you haven’t heard by now, the Toe Jam has undergone some changes this year. Instead of spending three sweaty, ant-bitten days at the Projects, the first stop includes only one day of actual competition on a pool gap at Orlando Watersports Complex. Today’s festivities consisted of a chance for riders to show up and check out the set up and get a few hits with the three winches.

The set up in question is definitely the gnarliest Toe Jam pool gap yet. Riders have the option to hit it either direction, with down ledges going one way and a motocross-style kicker going the other.

Since everyone only got a few tries, the bar wasn’t really set today. There were plenty of boardslides, a few front boards and some big spin, kickflip and shuv attempts up the gap. Some of the new comers left humbled and others left confused. A few of the usual suspects, such as Grubb and BT didn’t even show up. But Steve Campbell, who everyone has claimed will frontside flip up the gap before all is said and done, assured that the practice was just a warm up. The real action would go down tomorrow and I have no doubt that he is right.

Here’s the list of riders who will vie for 16 spots in Friday night’s finals at OWC, starting at 7 pm sharp!

Aaron Reed
Grant Roberts
Lance Diaz-Duffet
Ben Horan
Andrew Masi
Brandon Thomas
Bret Little
Andrew Fortenberry
Brian Grubb
Clint Tompkins
Chase Gregory
Danny Hampson
Nick Harlos
James Blazer
Clark Becker
Joe Phillps
Steve Campbell
Tyler Mangus
Kyle Hyams
Matt Hooker
Travis Doran
Marcus Knox
Ross Gardner
Russell Brightwell
Andrew Pastura
Yuri Lima
Cody Rivet
George Daniels
Stu Shinn
Reed Hansen
Dieter Humpsch
Nick Taylor


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