The Texas Leg of the Byerly Toe Jam started off today with the qualifying rounds as you all probably know. They take the top 2 spots from every heat to make 16 riders that will ride on Friday behind boat and again on Saturday behind the cable.

The first heat was a tough one, Grant Roberts won with a super consistent run. Clint Thompkins got a nice kickflip off the incline and hit up the rest of the sliders like he always does to get the last qualifying spot in the first heat.

Up next was the local, Bret Little, who tore up his home waters and took first in his heat. Danny Hampson made it through with a 2nd place. He killed it today! I overheard him saying that he sucks at cable and never rides it, but he went out there and had near flawless run and stuck a nice fs big spin off the kicker amongst other goodies.

The new Texas local, Aaron Reed had a good qualifying run and made it through with a first place. He was sporting the best helmet today fawshaw!! Bright yellow safety machine it was! Grubb got a second and qualified through in that heat.

Andy P came down with the whole Pastura family in a flipping cool Truck-mobile home thingy. He killed it (big spin over the wall ride, what) and won his heat with John Ruark riding super good and taking second. Chase Gregory rode super solid to qualify 2nd behind Brandon Thomas.

How about a switch kickflip? Yes, Nick Taylor whipped one out for the crowd and won his heat with Gabe Paulson getting the 2nd. Cable always brings out the unknowns, and one of the underdogs who came out today and ripped was Oury Yarbrough. He had a really good run and made it through with a 2nd. Reed Hansen showed everyone how it was done riding last and got his varial flip, kickflip, fs flip, tore up all the sliders and got the best score of the day with 83.33. Good for the eyes.

I was out with Brooke’s camera taking video all day, so be sure to check back for the footage later. Till tomorrow… take it lemon and squeezy. Diets


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