Things are just a little bit different here in Canada. The money is different. The signs are all in French, and the boat speed is in kilometers. This last thing was perhaps the biggest variable thrown into the boat event, since riders would ask for their usual speed, such as 22, and be told, no we’re going 38. It was hilarious really.

The waters of the Wasaga are shallow, so it’s wasn’t the biggest wake Toe Jam has ever seen, but that didn’t stop the usual suspects from throwing down. There were a few uncharacteristic falls from the likes of Stu Shinn and Brian Grubb, and not as many bangers as usual, but this was only the qualifiers.

Twenty-seven riders came out to shred, including a lot of new Canadian names such as Addison Farr, Mark Enns, Yan Lecomte, Mark McMorris and Tom Bailey. Yan rode especially well, but in one of the tightest heats of the day, he was bested by James Balzer. Another stand out was Jeff Engen, who threw down a solid run, despite having a broken foot. Pretty sure it can’t be that broken, though!

It was cool to see how a totally different environment brought out plenty of different competitiors, but not that cool that beers can only be consumed in the beer tent and cost $6.50! The Muskoka Militia has stepped in to run the party scene though, and has big events planned for each night. I’ll do my best to stay up late and report. I guess things got sloppy after I went to bed last night, after all, the drinking age here is only 19.

Tomorrow is the rail event and Saturday will be the official boat finals. There are at least three spots up for grabs in the finals in Orlando, so things should start heating up soon! When I left people were sessioning the rails behind the Seadoo Wake edition which is incidentally, right in front of the beer garden, so tomorrow should be good.


QUALIFYING RESULTS – Thursday August 21st, 2008
Toe Jam Tour Stop #3 – Wasaga Beach, Canada
Wakeskate (all levels) Wakeskate (all levels)
Qualifying Round Heat #: 01
1 Reed, Aaron 70.00
2 McMorris, Mark 43.33
3 Mulvaney, Patrick USA 30.00
4 Gibbons, Gib USA 16.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 02
1 Roberts, Grant USA 78.33
2 Engen, Jeff USA 63.33
3 Bailey, Tom 43.33
4 Yarbrough, Ouri USA 25.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 03
1 Bowlby, Keaton USA 63.33
2 Boysin, Scott CAN 63.33
3 Gardner, Ross USA 30.00
4 Harlos, Nick 20.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 04
1 Hampson, Danny 75.00
2 Thomas, Brandon USA 58.33
3 Rene, Tien CAN 30.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 05

1 Shinn, Stuart USA 60.00

2 Cambell, Steven USA 50.00

3 Hicks, Brady CAN 20.00

Qualifying Round Heat #: 06

1 Hansen, Reed USA 76.67

2 Kallas, Chris AUS 53.33

3 Fara, Addison 26.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 07

1 Taylor, Nick USA 80.00

2 Balzer, James CAN 60.00

3 Lecombe, Yan CAN 51.67

Qualifying Round Heat #: 08

1 Grubb, Brian USA 80.00

2 Fortenberry, Andrew USA 55.00

3 Enns, Mark CAN 26.67


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