1. More Than Machines Premiere- every glorious second of it… Rolling up to the premiere with the whole crew, the giant bowls of cereal, the raffles, seeing everyone there, and of course getting to watch the movie again… So good.

2. Watching Andrew Pastura stomp a clean Varial Heelflip down his family’s gap while shooting for More Than Machines

3. Having been on too many sweet trips to even name them all (here’s just a few of my favorites):

O’Neill Cali trip- surfing, hanging out, surfing, riding, and surfing with Byerly and Collin Harrington for a week…  I’m ready for the next one.

More Than Machines winch trip to Ohio- spending time with the whole Pastura family and everyone from the movie, winching around Ohio for a week. So many good times at the Pastura home…

South Africa- hanging out with Matty, Dyl, Dale, Dyl, Lance, ripping the cable together, winching Predatoria, and giving people tattoos…

The Houseboat trip to Anna Maria Island- alright I didn’t go anywhere, they came to me. Having Andrew, Stu, and Trav out, plus the Alliance crew, those were some of the best times we’ve had out here. Especially hitting the front porch ledge of the houseboat.

4. The lit-up, grateful beaming smile that happened every time I was able to give something of mine away to a stoked grommet during my travels this year. Whether it was a t-shirt, a pair of shoes, or even just a sticker, one of my favorite things about being sponsored is being able to spread that joy to my friends and so many others.

5. Winning the Cable event at the Toe Jam was sweet, definitely didn’t expect that!

6.  Showing Paul Rodriguez & Jordy Smith wakeskating for the first time… I was so fired up by how stoked they got from it. As  the icons of skateboarding and surfing, for them to be amped on what we are doing was a really exciting feeling.

2010 has been an interesting year. The economy is finally turning around, young guns are throwing down like never before and the legends are continually push the progression of Wake-whatever-ing. It’s been an awesome year for all of us at Alliance too, with our tenth birthday as the icing on the cake. To help us celebrate Alliance’s ten year anniversary, we asked the riders to share their top five moments of 2010 with us.