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5. Giving Dano The Mano another reason to repeat himself.

4. Wakeskating. I have enjoyed every aspect of wakeskating, im not just talking about boat riding, cable, ski and winch.  Im talking about doing sweet stuff with awesome people in cool places.  That and everybody has a mustache.

3. Matt Manzari got married this year... that was one of the best nights of my life, and I wasnt even getting married!!  If you have never seen Ben Horan try and rip a tablecloth off of a wedding reception table then you havnt lived.  Im serious, the center piece and all of the glasses were still on it… everything broke.

Actually, just thinking about it… I am going to share 5 highlights from that night.  5. Watching Josh Zentmeyer dive tackle a Latina woman in a red dress, then watch Nick Taylor get blamed for it.  4. Yours truly getting put in a choke hold by the same Latina woman.  3.  Realizing how uncoordinated wakeskaters “pro athletes” are on the dance floor”. 2. Darren’s best man speech…enough said(i have it recorded).  1. The look on Bobbye Jean’s face when Matt laid a burnout down in the getaway car(2010 Zo6 Corvette).

2.  Ronix making me a Hunting themed graphic and I didn’t even ask for it.

1. John Anderson came to Groveland for the 4th of July festival on Lake David.   We found out why God gave John Anderson the best voice in the world…to tell everyone about the Seminole wind.