In our potentially-least-creative move of 2009 (everyone from Transworld to Crailtap has been there, done that) we started doing top 5 lists. Whatever, they have proved to be funny time and again, so we’re running with it. Even though sometimes let the wakeboarders play these days, we’ll keep this one all skate. Here are the Top 5 top fives of 2009.

Aaron Reed

top 5 things about blogging?

5. Posting obscure wakeskate videos
4. having a constant web battle with Brooke
3. Changing single words in Kyle’s posts to completely change the meaning
2. Being friends with
1.  Hazing Grant

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Danny Hampson

top 5 things about Obscura?

1. Control to push things the right way
2. pretending to be important
3. The team and the power of hazing
4. Making the video
5. Liquid Force homies and their support. Teardrops forever

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Matt Manzari

top 5 things about riding for Nike

1. do whatever you want, and not go to jail
2. team trips with other sports, Bmxers are cooler than you
3. designing shoes and clothes in a lab for year 2053
4. watching Eddie Valdez punch a snowboard legend in the face
5. telling Silas I am going to wake up early

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Reed Hansen

Top 5 reasons to have long hair

1. You look way more like an indian when you put your head dress on.
2. It makes you faster.
3. No hair cuts…ever.
4. I can’t grow a beard.
5. Girls are jealous.

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Grant Roberts

Top 5 insults

1. Saying something bad about Integrity to Andrew Fortenberry
2. Calling someone’s girlfriend fat
3. Gay works pretty good
4. Telling somebody their style is wack would bum somebody out i’m sure
5. The finger

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