November 11th, 2011 by jeffmckee


BG and Parks…struggling to pass time through the off-seasons…NOT!



Top Five – Places to go on the computer:

1.  Alliance Wakeskate

2.  Surfline

3.  Facebook


5.  Fantasy Football ESPN



Places to go in real life: 

1. Hawaii

2. Tahiti

3. Australia

4. Indo

5. Tavarua



Eats for BG: 

1. Chick Fil A

2. Cecil”s BBQ

3. Amura

4. Urban Hibachi

5. I still miss Deli Planet :(



Ways to stay busy this off season:

1. Winching

2. Golf

3. Surfing

4. Skydiving

5. MW3 (Moder Warfare 3)



Songs on your I-pod:

1. Young, Wild, and Free – Wiz Khalifa

2. Be free – Trevor Andrew

3. Jake Owen – Barefoot Bluejean Night

4. Take Care – Drake

5. Motivation – Kelly Rowland


BG and his hunting stick enjoying the morning someplace way cooler than home…


Trips Red Bull has taken you on: 

1. Northern Tides – Western Australia

2. Human Trailers – New Zealand

3. Adrift – New Zealand

4. Red Bull Athlete party / driving school  Las Vegas 2003

5. Trajinera Jumpers – Mexico



Games you play: (apps, x-box, a game of horse, etc.): 

1. MW3

2. MW2

3. Skate 3

4. Guitar hero

5. Skydroid golf gps



Television series':

1. Hawaii 5-0

2. Nitro Circus

3. Entourage

4. Prison Break

5. The Sopranos



Things to pack in your carry on bag: 

1. IPad

2. Headphones

3. Hoodie

4. Candy

5. Sunglasses


BG and Parks served “the magical amount.” 


Ways to get kicked off a plane: 

1. Putting on a red headband and screaming ‘Allahu akbar’

2. Getting over served

3. Pissing in the aisle

4. Demanding to see the cockpit midflight

5. Calling out an air marshall



Gifts you hope to get for Christmas: 

1. Snowboard trip

2. 5’8 Neckbeard surfboard

3. Apple TV

4. 8 ft ladder

5. Rangefinder




9 Responses to “Top Fives: Brian Grubb”

  1. helpabrotherout Says:

    Dang what in the world do we all gotta do to get on the red bull program!??? Must be nice…

  2. Says:

    I miss the Deli Planet too. What was the BG signature sub called again?

  3. steveP Says:

    with all the redbull hookups all thats left for grubb to want is an 8′ ladder! nice.

  4. do whaaa Says:

    HAHA Steve that is freaking hilarious!

  5. DPman Says:

    I think his sandwich was called the grubbstar right? A signature sandwich: wonder if he got royalties?

  6. Jp Says:

    PAC 750 XL. DeLand. Love that place.

  8. Tex Says:

    The sandwich was the Spacestation Grubbstar. Epic!

  9. dood. Says:

    ha ill have to hook you up with some cfa brother


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