Top 5 things about being Married

I always have a boat driver
sweet ring tan
crispy dinners
always having someone to braid my pony
waking up every morning to the hottest woman I have ever seen

Top 5 things about being Canadian

world class bacon
snow (is that bad?)
the Olympics are here
Jim Carrey is from here
people think we grew up in igloos

Top 5 things about being naked

you never have tan lines
well it’s not all that its cracked up to be, I mean its hard to make new friends if you don’t even got pants on.
the sun burns that you get are horrible
I just don’t know the pros just don’t out wEIgh the cons on this one

Top 5 times to rock a speedo

at a family pool party
on your honey moon
in a contest
while re enacting Cathrine Zeta Jones in Entrapment
to the public pool with my niece’s

Top 5 pieces of advice from Silas Thurman

BF stands for business friends not best friends
it’s not show friends it’s show biz
if ever in doubt “front board” for some reason, it’s always worth a photo
stick with it. Nothing comes easy in wakeskating so you better be in it for the long haul
getting rich quick. I’m still working on it. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Top 5 moments in the making of Slick City (so far)

almost drowning in Parker, Arizona
getting to surf and film in Fiji (Numotu Island is insane)
Rusty invented a new style of shirt in Australia
when Jeff Mckee’s sky diving instructor fell asleep on the plane ride up to jump
I think the best part is having Greg and Scott Filming us. The fact that the are not from the wake industry and are making this film is what is going to make it so sick they see things that we don’t. they pick up on all the little stylish things that we always forget about. It’s going to be the slickest movie ever

Top 5 reasons to strap in

Who said i strap in?
my wife likes it when I do supermans
let’s be honest you get a lot more hang when you’re strapped in and who dosen’t like that?
nose presses man there sweet
I don’t know I guess there isn’t five reasons, maybe that’s why I wakeskate

Top 5 reasons not to just quit wakeskating and be a pro wakeboarder

cause my mobe count isn’t high enough
Because of the foot freedom, you just can’t give up the foot freedom
I cant do a nine
also i just don’t have the stamina to wakeboard any more the mental and physical game is to much for me

Top 5 BroSTOCK memories or all time

getting to wakeboard
beating Rusty
beating Phil
being in the desert makes you lose your mind, I ate a rattle snake out there man
oh, I might have had to spend the night stuck out in the middle of the lake cause I crashed the spy boat in the middle of the night

Top 5 things about riding for Nike 6.0

Silas is AWSOME
I got a new fresh set of shoes to wear to church every Sunday
I have a lot of new friends that have the same size feet as me now
the team trips are always sick
and well just the camaraderie with all of the guys on the team i mean we just meld together like a good peanut butter and jam sandwich

Top 5 video parts

Nick Taylor Aquafrolics
Tomas Horrrell Asterisk
Dan Hampson Sfumato
Aaron Reed Sfumato
Parks Bonifay Hype

Top 5 wakeskaters

George Daniels
Aaron Reed
Reed Hansen
Dan Hampson
Brian Grubb
(that wasn’t in any order)

Top 5 tricks you wish you could do

A back flip duh
A front flip
basically any five variations of the flip would just stoke me to the max

Top 5 future career options

pro jet ski racer (I am fast on a stand up)
a sign language teacher (I’m good with my hands)
a runway model (my wife says I have an incredibly defined body)
a stay at home Dad (dirty diapers here I come)
a rally car racer (have you seen me drive my truck I’m the Robbie Gordon of the 21st century)