top 5 things about blogging?

5. Posting obscure wakeskate videos
4. having a constant web battle with Brooke
3. Changing single words in Kyle’s posts to completely change the meaning
2. Being friends with remotewakeskates.com
1.  Hazing Grant

top 5 things about knowing Danny Hampson?

5. Being constantly pushed to progression
4. Watching
3. The Game
2. Traveling with Dan
1. The best friend I have ever had, he’s my best man at my wedding.

top 5 things about being part of Cassette?

5. New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, The World
4. Being apart of a period of innovation in our sport that is timeless
3. Learning about anything important from the mind of Thomas Horrell
2. Meeting Josh Letchworth
1. Making the best friends of my life

top 5 things about Texas?

5. It is huge.
4. Having my own boat.
3. The TSR, I hated cable parks because all I knew was OWC, what a refreshing change.
2. Winching, but it sucks, don’t come here
1.  Jami Lane

top 5 places you’ve ridden?

5. Chip’s House/Rukus ponds
4. Lake Austin
3. Roosevelt Park
2. River Pub
1. Orakei Korako, New Zealand

top 5 wakeskaters?

5. Andrew Pastura
4. Travis Doran
3. Grant Roberts
2. Ben Horan
1. Dan Hampson

top 5 features of the Obscura boat?

5. Binding lube applicator
4. Bud Heavy
3. Obscura wrap
2. Cupholders
1. The team being onboard, priceless

top 5 things about dressing like an native american?

5. Being Barefoot
4. Feathers
3. Being chased across the desert by Dan dressed like a cowboy
2. It’s OK to be nearly naked
1. Roots

top 5 things about being “one of the older guys?”

5. It’s not about how good you are, it’s who you know, and I know them all!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Being part of Cassette
3. Knowing Dan since he was 14
2. It hurts, so I know I’m alive
1. Seeing your visions pan out, thanks “younger guys”

top 5 things about pokes?

5. Ben Horan
4. Biting skateboarding.  Don’t we all love to do that.
3. Cashing in on DVS photo incentives from the bottom of my shoes.
2. Everyone’s biting my shit.
1. Not being a rocket rider.

top 5 things about being tall?

5. Medium shirts show some midriff.
4. Wearing hats in movie theaters
3. Seeing over people at shows.
2. Not riding a 38″ board, seriously.
1. Long reach

top 5 things about having Bear and Letchworth as your personal photographers?

5. Tuesdays with Bear on Obscura09.com
4. Bear’s camera exchange program
3. Film baby!
2. Always having the best images possible.
1. Having Bear, Josh, Dana, Max and Ruby as wonderful and dear friends.

top 5 things about mentoring the young guys on the team?

5. Not having to take out the trash, wash the dishes, or clean anything.
4. Even though they are better than me, I still know more people.
3. Watching.
2. Hazing Grant.
1. Feeling like I can still accomplish something positive for the sport through the most talented group of kids I could dream of supporting.

top 5 songs?

5. “Callin Baton Rouge” Garth Brooks
4. “Seminole Wind” John Anderson
3. “The Breeze” Dr. Dog
2. “Resurrection Fern” Iron and Wine
1. “The Sandman, The Brakeman, and Me” Monsters of Folk

top 5 things about being the first name in a lot of people’s phones?

5. Hearing all the crap Brooke talks about me when she pocket dials me.
4. Ex girlfriends always see my name first.
3. Two A’s are better than one.
2. When your name is Aaron, people can call you Ron for short.
1. Being number one when people just want someone to talk to