Age: 18
Home: Bradenton, FL
Years riding: 2 years
Sponsors: Oak
Favorite spot: PSP (Palmasola Bay)
Regular or goofy: Regular
Boat, PWC or Winch? Jetski
Wake or sliders? Sliders
Film or photos? photos
Skateboard or wakeboard? skateboarding
Inclines  or  boxes? inclines
Pool gaps or natural  winching? Natural Winching
Metal or rap? Rap
Home or away? Home
Guitar Hero or Super Smash Brothers: Smash!

Travis Doran hails from the glorious land of Bradenton, Florida, and is one of the up and coming wakeskaters whose skills have been cured and sharpened by the likes of Nick Taylor and Stuart Shinn.  It shows in a lot of aspects of Travis’s riding, such as his explosive pop, fluid style, and unmatched precision on everything.  Travis has just this year started competing professionally, and also has been bumped up to “pro” status on the Oak Wakeskates team, joining the likes of Ben Horan, Josh Kirby, and Matt Hooker.  No doubt this will only boost his riding to even bigger heights.  The way Travis has been riding lately I can tell that his progression is about to go through the roof.  He is at that stage where he calls me just about every week telling me all the new tricks he has learned, and he is also a promising winch and rail rider.  Travis has been filming with us lately for Fun Boots! and has proved to be both stylie, tech, and incredibly consistent.  By now he has some pretty advanced flip tricks and lands them nearly every set.  Not only that, but Travis is learning new tricks all the time.  And more so than anything, Travis really likes to wakeskate.  It’s not strange at all for him at my place in Orlando to take something like four sets in a day (and maybe even hit up the cable).  He is in the pinnacle of his progression right now and not planning on stopping anytime soon, so keep your eyes out for Travis Doran this year!


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