Photo: Roland Lugo

Date: October 12, 2008

Location: Bradenton, FL

Trick: Kickflip

Temp: 81 degrees

Bradenton, Florida is gaining wakeskate street cred nearly everyday with the amount of progression and talent bursting at the seams. Although plenty of boat stunts and rail jibbers have gone down, there has been an unusually low amount of winch drop manuvers to pop up. Enter B-Town’s very own version of a GMa’s Gap situated on a canal intersection with a large lift to dodge. Special thanks to the Ackerman boys for letting us eat pizza and drink soda at their grandmother’s house conveniently across from the drop. Travis and Andrew had some good times throwing down front bigs, both late and regular respectively. This may have been pretty difficult task considering the 5 foot slab of concrete to clear before a meaty drop that varies depending on tide. This kickflip may have been the loftiest stunt of them all. Check out FUN BOOTS! for further documentation.