sequence: Flake

Back lips are rad because they take confidence and if you don’t want to boardslide, but you aren’t rocking nubs it’s an option. It’s a really fun trick — once you do it, guaranteed you’ll love the way it feels and want to ride away from another.

Before you try this trick you want to be comfortable with front side boardslides and have solid pop.


On your approach allow enough room for your board and back foot to clear the rail when you ollie.


Ollie up high enough to get the back of your board and your back foot up over the rail.


Be ready for the slide across the rail so you don’t slip out onto your face or lean on your heels and stop your slide onto your back.


From here it’s like a front side boardslide. Using your upper body face the end of the rail and look over your front shoulder.


Ride out like you would a front side boardslide.




Don’t do it the cheap way and ride straight at the rail. Come from the side and pop your back foot up and over the rail like you mean it.