Usually a few nights a week I end up in one of the local watering holes for a drink or two here in town and the it usually ends up in a bunch of belligerent rude late-night-alcohol-induced texts with Kirby, Grasso, Hooker, TJ, Dave, Roland, Tyler or Travis and whoever else may be in their general area code at that time. I'm not dropping names here, it's just how it is. Anyway, late Saturday night I decided too give Tyler a call (not a text) and tell him I was gonna bump him up too the pro team and see what he thought. I called him twice and got his voicemail twice and it made me a bit sad. The third time I called, I left him a voicemail stating, “I bet if this was Rick Hendrick calling Dale Earnhardt Jr., you would've picked up the ga'dam phone on the first ring.” I know not everyone can appreciate that message but if you know me and anyone else who lives in the southern NASCAR belt, you might tend to like it. Well, it seemed that Tyler had decided too hit the sheets early that night. I'm guessing he must have been dreaming about his newfound fortune of 300 bucks and all the new assets he might acquire that he won earlier that day in this little rail jam thingy he decided to play a part in. So, the next morning around 8:30 he gave me a call back. I missed the call. (Actually I just rolled over and ignored it.) Tyler has begun too expect this sort of thing from me, so it was typical, no big deal. I was able too catch up with him a few hours later. I really wanted too mess with him and tell him that because of budget issues, we were going too have to "can" the whole am team and he would be the first too go. I just couldn't do it though because anyone who knows Tyler, knows he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and it might have made him cry, well, maybe. Yeah, so i asked him if he'd dig maybe scooting up and being on the pro team and he was pleasantly stoked for sure. It really is great to have someone like Tyler on board with us here at Oak. I have always been amazed at his loyalty, love and dedication for what he does. His positive attitude in life is one for all to follow and he has never asked for anything more than what may be necessary at the time. He has always given us tremendous support and input here at Oak because he has really "wanted too" and not because he felt like he "needed too." Everyone on the Oak team is very stoked for Tyler. I have known Tyler now for a couple years and I am honored too know him and too have him as a friend. If he had nothing too do with Oak or wakeskating, i would still see him in the same light. Good luck Tyler and looking forward to the years to follow. – Mikey T. and the whole Oak crew