Alliance: What’s up Reed? Are you ready to tell everybody how to do a varial flip?
Reed Hansen: Sure.

A: Okay, so you do it inside out, right? How do you set up for it?
RH: Put one foot all the way on the tail and the other foot slightly past the middle of the board with your toes pointed towards the nose and your heel off the board a little bit.

A: What kind of edge do you take for it?
RH: When you edge in, get a good, strong edge in the beginning so right before you ollie you can flatten off. Having a good edge will help you get inside out and do the trick better.

A: And then the hard part, how the hell do you do make your wakeskate do that?
RH: When you ollie through and pop up, just think about doing a shuv with your back foot, but do it way out in front of you. As the board shuvs around, flip it with your front foot. Then, as the board flips around, catch it with your feet and slam it down.

A: How hard is this trick?
RH: A shuv-it being a 1, and a 3-flip being a 10. I’d say it’s a 6 maybe a 7. Yeah, I’d say 7.

A: What made you start trying varial flips?
RH: As soon as I landed a kickflip I just figured it was next. I could do shuv-its pretty well and I could do kickflips pretty well, so I just put them together. It probably took me 3 weeks to learn, about 4 or 5 sets. Varial flips came kind of easy for me for some reason. For some reason for like six months I could do v-flips one out of three times and kickflips only one out of six or so, it was weird.

A: Do you do them on a skateboard? Did that help you learn?
RH: I learned it on a wakeskate first. I’m not very good on a skateboard, but I did just learn it on one recently.

A: What would you recommend trying after a varial flip?
RH: After a varial flip I would try a frontside flip. That’s what I learned, anyway. Also, try the vairal flip inside out first, then when you get it dialed do it out in the flats.

A: I think that’s it. Thanks, Reed.
RH: Well it’s been fun.
A: Yes it has. You have a great evening.

A: What are your three keys to doing a V-flip?
1. Flatten off at the lip right before you ollie.
2. Make sure you ollie hard and pop it good, otherwise the board won’t flip.
3. Get a good flip on it so the board flips over and you can catch it.
Is that good? Or do you want some more?


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