Wakeskating is a wonderfully complex mix of things. As a sport it’s challenging, it’s eye-catching, and independent. As an art form it’s ambitious, deceptively simple, and constantly striving for perfection. With these traits in mind Andrew Pastura is essentially the personification of Wakeskating. Where the sport is at its best you are likely watching Drew win a tour stop. When the art form is at its best you’re captivated by one of Drew’s revolutionary video parts. But it doesn’t stop at his tour dominance or his video parts. The true reason for Drew personifying Wakeskating is everything he is doing behind his riding. Whether he knew it or not, Andrew Pastura may have started a renaissance in wakeskating after stepping onto the scene over ten years ago. For years, many in wakeskating were complacent in their quality and directionless. Leading by example, all of that slowly phased itself out as Drew and a handful of others set a higher standard for themselves and consequentially the sport as a whole. With a particular impact in mind for wakeskating Drew brought a poise and humility to the sport. Pastura has quietly taken off on his own and created one of the most impressive portfolios in wakeskating. Calculated in his professional partnerships Drew carefully chooses who he works with; where most others would accept the first offer at their door. He has painstakingly created one of the most iconic independent companies in wakeskating, Water Monsters, bringing in and supporting a bunch of up and coming rippers that deserve support. He and his brothers created the ground-breaking full length wakeskate film, Human Rocket, perfectly embodying the care and quality Drew takes with the sport and the art form. Knowing his standards makes his involvement in Istudiomo truly humbling and ensures the film meets all expectations.

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