So you want to make a wake jump look cool? Then take it 180. Jen spells it out for you here.

1 – Take an easy, progressive edge into the wake. You really want to ‘float’ the 180 around.

2 – When you get to the wake straighten your legs to pop. Hold onto the handle with both hands and continue to edge all the way through the wake.

3 – Hold your w2w jump strong and wait for the peak of your jump to really start spinning the 180.

4 & 5 – At the peak of your jump, let go with your back hand, begin to rotate frontside, and bring the handle to your back hip. (This is a great time to go for a nose grab if that is going to help you stay over your toes on the landing.)

6 – Spot your landing and keep the handle in close.

7 – The most important part of landing is to make sure your chest is over your toes so you don’t slip out on your heels.

8 & 9 – Absorb the landing and ride away on your toeside edge.


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