The wake-to-wake kickflip is super fun cause it’s a turbo charged version of a kickflip. You feel like you in slow motion during the trick cause you have so much more time and distance. Practicing inside out kickies behind the jetski will help for this trick too. It sometimes helps to try start off with a small wake and shorter line when first learning. Then once you get it try beef the wake and lengthen your line and so on. Have a goodie!

1- Cut in Like you would for a nice poppy wake jump. (I hang my front heel off the board slightly when i cut in too)

2- Wait a moment after you have left the wake to kick the board

3- Kick the board like you would a normal kickflip and get your feet out the way

4- Wait for the top to flip around and get ready to stop the rotation.

5- Spot the board, stop the board and get those feets back on it!

6- Extend your legs slowly to keep the board under you on the way down.

7- Try land with your feet the same width apart as how you were cutting in.

8 – Stuck it in a bucket!


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