May 5th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Wakeskating really hit the big time with this feature on CNN (of course, they called it wakeboarding.) The young hoodlums featured in this video apparently did not get the memo that the record flooding in Tennessee is actually bad news, and headed out to enjoy it. Unfortunately, local law enforcement didn’t approve, and both the skater and driver were cited for charges of ‘clinging to a vehicle,’ which probably ruined the session.

For more details on this exciting story as it unfolds, we’re sure CNN will have continued coverage, maybe some expert opinions, and even a few pundits discussing the long term ramifications of people having fun.

20 Responses to “Wakeskaters Cause Trouble in Tennessee”

  1. Dime piece Says:

    I’ll hit any cop once.

    Yo, Dess brotha’s need to quit cracking down on the little man. These kids are just chillin and passing a handle or two….

    Go bust some real crime ya pigs.

  2. chip Says:

    HAHHAAAHAHAHAHA Make sure they put them in handcuffs. Too funny!

  3. Paul Boerger Says:

    That is such Bullshit Who did they hurt, or who did they kill. They didn’t do neither they just tryed to have a little fun just like we would when a hurricane hits florida. What would you want them to do sit on a corner and smoke crack. What happend to freedom, cant do nothing with out getting into trouble with the PIGS. Now they know why we hate them so much

  4. Josh Lindsay Says:

    shoulda had a winch…

  5. erikmonty Says:

    the punishment for shredding is death!

  6. shred ready Says:

    wake skating is not a crime man…..

  7. Wide Open Says:

    In my opinion, that cop should have been doing what he was paid to do and help rescue the victims involved in the flood, not harassing a couple of kids who had a dream and a great idea. Just goes to show you what our society has come to. Keep the shredding alive! Dont let a couple of cooks that are under paid by a cruel government system keep you from getting your pull on… this is just coming from a couple of wide open kids who knows the feeling.

  8. bandit Says:

    couldnt of picked a spot with something cool without cops and a puddle

  9. JJ Says:

    they made it on the Colbert Report…..Radical!!!! Im proud to be a Tennesseenian haha. They def. shoulda had a winch though…

  10. Seth Fry Says:

    found a link to the video from the guy in the back of the nissan. he gets some of the conversation coming from the cops

  11. Zacc Pollitt Says:

    some cops are such fagalees.

  12. doug Says:

    Technically it wouldn’t be clinging to a vehicle……………it was clinging to a rope………………attached to a vehicle! lol

  13. c money Says:

    Popo always trying to bring us down…

  14. wtf alliance Says:

    alliance hey there! had this video days maybe a week ago..?? you should try to be original. great things might come of it. and maybe spending less time editing/deleting posts people make and more time on gettin some “legit shit” on hur.

  15. John Says:

    Thats priceless right there. That is exactly why alot of people dont have respect for law enforcement because when they get that uni on they turn into a super hero of busting any crime because it makes them feel good. there were so many other productive things they cold have been assisting with, but im glad these kids did this cause look at how dumb it made the cops look. tefflon on, guns strapped to their legs, its like there going into a drug bust. haha cops are such pieces of shit sorry but ive never been in a scenerio where i have needed a cops assistance.

  16. Luke Says:

    Im from tennessee and go to western kentucky only 45 minutes away from nashville and am an avid wakeskater. The flood sucked but I used the flooded water to my advantage and winched it up and did not get in trouble in fact the cops were watching us and were interested. These guys made the mistake of doing it behind a car, if they were using a winch they wouldnt have got in trouble and not gotten any charges at all. Stupidity like this will not help wakeskating at all and will give us a bad rep. I understand in flooded waters without a winch you want to ride behind a car but just dont do it during a natural disaster because it is illegal (in tennessee) and if you cant wait then just find a low key spot to do it at. The last thing the sport needs is people to think wakeskater are hoodlums.

  17. Tynna Rosero Says:

    Wakeskating is not a crime you dumbass cops! Oh well this is sooo cool! Hahaha!

  18. jamaal Says:

    John…. why does it matter if it was posted on first, its all about spreading the word, thats what the internet is used for. Colbert used it… why dont you go whine and bitch at him for using it on national telivision pusssy

  19. Dan Eytcheson Says:


  20. kyle g Says:

    i could see putting them in handcuffs if they were wakesurfing on some glass.


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