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The Water Monster Company presents their first full length team video, Human Rocket. After countless trips and over two years of filming Human Rocket will be available for purchase late summer 2013.
Featuring: Austin Pastura, Andrew Pastura, Kyle Walton, Travis Belsito, T.J. Giesey, Brandon Rau, David Hanson, Keaton Bowlby, Marcus Knox

Filmed by: Aaron Pastura and Tad Mathews


7 Responses to “Water Monsters Teaser: Human Rocket”

  1. Evan Says:


  2. david Says:

    Videos like this make wakeboarding look so stupid, bindings are like training wheels.

  3. um Says:

    Apples and oranges

  4. Stu Says:

    “If you like to wakeskate and your heart is full of hate,let it out!”…..Easy @david, put the torches down. Nobody is joining your fight against wakeboarding. Its not 1999 again and we aren’t skateboaders and rollerbladers.

  5. Two Eyes Says:


  6. B8 Says:

    Pq Video de Wakeskate tem sempre um Audio de baitola?

  7. TheSpangler Says:

    Easy David, both are fun, and you know the saying variety is the spice of life!


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