December 23rd, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

These recent videos of from Anenberg have been sick. The hippie hop variations on a spill way (insane)! Check out this awesome little edit with more shredders and make sure you check out

These recent videos of from Anenberg have been sick. The hippie hop variations on a spill way (insane)! Check out this awesome little edit with more shredders and make sure you check out

41 Responses to “Weekend Wars”

  2. Ann N. Burgh Says:

    Spell Check That Link Alliance!!!! Thanks For Putting The Video Up

  3. EdgarPerez Says:

    Hell yea Kyle!! like a G!

  4. Eva71 Says:

    That blew my mind, reed kyle everyon, thank you!

  5. erikmonty Says:

    hippy shuv!!! awesome video fellas keep it up

  7. Krista Bre Says:

    ThRowiN dOwn hiPpiE hAmmerS
    <3 oUr aNenbeRg fAm

  8. Brad Says:


  9. Luke Says:

    weenend wars is a song by mgmt!

  10. on the fritz Says:

    man, kyle walton sure has a lot of different hair styles and body types.

  11. pwn daddy Says:

    fuck yea that was sickkkkkkkk

  12. @shredtown Says:

    who still thinks shred town is cool?
    dominos ftl


    this is why wakeskating pwns

    that ledge was so gnar

  13. gay Says:

    wakeskating makes wakeboarding look old and boring, every dam week alliance releases a new video of wakeskating with a new banger thats never been done and i swear its reed/waltons crew, remember the water fall foot plant walton did, now a hippy jump and hippy shuv? then a massive ledge, HOLYS SHITS

  15. Jeff Mathis Says:

    yeah walton, killin it dude.

  16. imsrs Says:

    walton for ruthless dictator/overlord 2012!

  17. waterboard Says:

    good to see reed & walton working together. this is just the beginning…

  18. ConB Says:

    please keep posting their videos

  19. Dustin O'Ferrall Says:

    Sick!! Walton’s the man!

  20. im a ninja Says:

    haha i love how every video these kids have to comment and reassure themselves and their 5 friends that wakeskating is cooler than shredtown.

  21. Haha Says:

    You DO know that shredtown wouldn’t even be around with their unoriginal uniforms if it wasn’t for wakeskating? If it wasn’t for Kyle Walton, Thomas Horrell, Ben Horan, Etc. If wakeskating is a “fake sport” than what does that make “wakeboard winching”. Boarders says wakeskaters need to respect where we came from, you guys are are fucking hypocrites. You say it yourself, winching is saving wakeboarding, because wakeboarding is fucking lame and old. Without wakeskating, wakeboarding would be dead by 2012.

  22. wait wait Says:

    you guys dooo know that Thomas Horrell was a pro wakeboarder long before he was a wakeskater as well as Aaron Reed. Thomas had pro model wakeboards. There is no arguement of wakeskaters vs wakeboarders. Its just Wakewhatevering

  23. davisg Says:

    I’ll speak for everyone when I say that we definitely respect all aspects of the sport and everyone that helped it get where it is today. I like wakeskating personally, I think this vid was sick.

  24. davisg Says:

    and wakeboarding isn’t lame and old. its just beginning. people are doing some cool ass shit these days.

  25. santa claus Says:

    a wakeboarder would have hit that whole ledge and not slipped off after sliding it for 4 feet.

  26. poop Says:

    anyone going snowskating this year?!!!!

  27. Haha Says:

    A tuber could have probably done the whole ledge too… doesn’t make it cool. Take off those training straps then come talk to me.

  28. pwn daddy Says:

    santa just got pwnn ditch the straps

  29. Zak Stone Says:

    Back to Cali cali cali!!!! Hands down the dopest dope!!! Nice work Berg!!

  30. gay Says:

    a wakeboarder could have done that whole ledge? no shit retart, first try to ollie up on the ledge, wait just try to even ollie onto a rail on a wakeskate so i can watch you eat shit and laugh at you then spit on you and then piss on you, next um i think if you want to break into walton and horrell and those guys starting winching or what ever bs you said, you need to get some info that a few young lads by the name of kyle murphy (dopest style ever in wakeboarding), dusty, doober petrich, fisher fishin sweet, were right along with walton and the winching movement, anyone seen beans and rice, that the original crew that pushed winching to new limits to what it is today, shred town got their tie die teeshirts from them, plus stop hatin on shredtown because there just doing the smart thing and making a little cash to be able to keep producing new winch shit.

  31. The Truth Says:

    Keep telling yourself that bud, this is like comparing skateboarding to rollerblading or snowboarding to freestyle skiing. The shrimpclowns don’t even deserve to be mentioned in these comments. Go tie die some more berrics shirts before you strap up…

  32. harold bergstein Says:

    the past is the past who gives a sh*t. its about who is pushing the sport right now. shredtown +1. and is it a sin to like wakeboarding and skateboarding?? Every snowboarder loves skating too. the truth sucks and wishes there could be comments on alliance about him. but no. nobody knows who you are cause youre a doosh. OUT!

  33. gay Says:

    haha so funny how worked up everyone gets, all you have to do is say one mean comment and you get ten in return, haha you dont even have to mean it, you can do it just to lite a fire under people and then it truly brings the dush bags out cause there the ones who respond.

  34. Gnarnia Says:

    Not sure what Beans and Rice has to do with winching…. but In Its Travels is a different story. And that was wakeskating.

  35. Nino Says:

    It’s very simple , thanks to Kyle Walton, people like me , had the opportunity to wakeskate daily with a device that is called WINCH.
    Even without a boat that cost 30.000 $
    Kyle is a pioneer he teached us how endless are the winch possibilities.
    Today you can have all the happy crew you want (shredtown etc..) but no one will never reach LA SEWER.
    It’s easy to copy someone or to perform better than the inventor, but without the inventor you will be only able to go around with your stupid boat, wasting environment and using enormous amount of gas.

    Thank you kyle for those beautiful years and for what will come in future.

    LA SEWER for ever

  36. dood. Says:

    that last ledge was nuts.
    when i fall off my wakeskate, i like water to catch me. a cement ledge and walkway? not for me- props to you for having the balls to hit something like that, that hippie shuv was nice and fast, a hippie kicky next??

    (oh the irony… kyle walton doing hippie jumps, haha)

  37. Sawyer Davis Says:

    bwaaahahhahaha…..i f’in love it… hahha walton that was way sicker than what you told me on the phone… all that talk of the hippy jump, not to hippy jump.. and then that… fanfuckingtastic amigo..

  38. george daniels Says:

    that video was sick walton. i wanna see more please!!! yee haw

  39. TK Says:

    shredtown is only wakeboarding i enjoy watching. going w2w is only cool for a few minutes. yeah its “roots” but fuck its 2010

  40. steveP Says:

    skate or strapped, winch or boat, varial heel or slim chance 5, its all boardin and its all good! if you can’t be pro at one sport then you should be decent at multiple sports. snow, wake, skate, wake skate, surf, do it all and stop talking shit to people that know your just another db. burn one down for the true board sport enthusiast!!

  41. sarcasim says Says:

    did anyone watch the wake of fame? that was so gay! i can’t believe nobody is trying to push the limits of wakeboarding/wakeskating. wake sports are gay, im gonna sit in my room and jerk off to some slolom ski videos!


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