April 23rd, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Brandon Rau is a gambling man. Front shuv. Photo: Ryan Dahlem

If you’re gonna go wakeskating, might as well go fast! Matt Hayden. Photo: Adam Hawley

It’s good to see the Lake Georgia flat rail is still getting plenty of use. James Balzer. Photo: Spencer Smith

12 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: April 23, 2010”

  1. lazy Says:

    why do all these pics suck?

  2. Ejazzle Says:

    send in something better lazy.

  3. dudeman Says:

    Dahlem’s shot of Rau is rad… don’t know what your all flustered about lazy.

  4. Brad Says:

    He’s too lazy to go take better ones. Hence why he b!tches on the net.

  5. tweaked! Says:

    Lazy I know where you live and where you sleep!

  6. steveP Says:

    some people are too cool to be impressed. i bet he likes frestyle moto and black socks.

  7. lumper Says:

    rau wakeskates naked?

  8. reed Says:

    yeeea rau! baracuda!!
    and nice shot dahlem!

  9. Zak Stone Says:

    Ya Razzleberry!!! Nice work Ryan!

  10. bandit Says:

    yes sir duam! nice work.. lazy your a fag

  11. daniel Says:

    Nice Brandon!

  12. Marc Mos Says:

    I drink damwater!


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