August 27th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Matt Hooker. Crooked grind. Photo: Roland Lugo

Nick Taylor at home. Boardslide. Photo: Jason Lee.

Brian Grubb. Front Shuv . Photo: Riley Bangerter

26 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: August 27, 2010”

  1. legit Says:

    yo matt! so sick to see crooked grinds! cheaaa

  2. Epic Schmidt Says:

    hell yeah Riley! rad shot!

  3. Mark Says:

    grubb sucks

  4. grubb sucks Says:

    grubb does suck…and nick taylor is doing a boardslide not a lip slide

  5. drew Says:

    how could you possibly know that? were you there bro. thats tight if you were but i doubt it. sick crooks but i wanna see hooksovercrooks

  6. butthead Says:

    grubb please stay behind a boat, you suck.

  7. Legit Police Says:

    How are people supposed to know that’s not a lipslide and grubb isn’t doing a backbig if you delete my comments? Maybe get some wakeskaters to run things around here?

    -daily reader

  8. Ejazzle Says:

    rolands shot is simple and dope.

  9. james Says:

    Loving Rolands shots ya Lugo and Hooker…And I’ve been waiting for a shot of Nick hitting his own House boat Hell yah guys!! Although it does look like a backboard unless he is doing a switch front lip 0_0

  10. Bryan Says:

    all are super good, but roland fo sho!!

  11. Jones Joey Says:

    hooker ya you heard />——–@#_

  12. grubb sucks Says:

    you can tell its a boardslide easily if your not a complete idiot and know the difference….also scroll over the photo and the name of the pic says boardslide…so drew actually go skate and learn your tricks.

  13. Bobby Says:

    How can you say Grubb sucks, Legend innovator of the sport. I say you suck. Get er hot Grub

  14. dood. Says:

    haha. FYI, Grubb does NOT suck. it just cracks me up that someone who can’t shake a stick at the skills Grubb has is making dumb comments like that. Grubb is better than you’ll ever be, i guarantee – boat, ski, cable, winch.

  15. wakeskate or dieee Says:

    haha nicks definitely doing a backboard and grubb is doing another late front shuv.. dood your a clown

  16. RideLikeAPirate Says:

    dude instead of hatin on pros, just go ride ur board and stuff it

  17. dave Says:

    all around a nice selection this week!

  18. Tweak Says:

    that crooks pic is tight!
    Nice work “legit police”, you should head over to “the best rail rider in the world” video comments next haha.

  19. Dime piece Says:

    I dont care what you rookies say, Grubb is a legend. You guys should be thankful for what he has done for the sport. He rides and he rides really well. He just turned 30 years old and is still showing the young guys what it is all about. He was one of the first guys hitting rails, one of the first guys winching, he was one of the first guys using lock in fins, he was one of the first guys that could actually make wakeskating look cool in front of people(consistency), and he still has rad style that improves daily. Hopefully you think about the past before you start comparing a legend like Grubb to some new kids that are still learning what it means to be a wakeskater.

  20. steveP Says:

    still today nobody hits the big rails on a skate like grub was doing almost ten years ago. Grubb is a cool dude and has wakeboard skills as well. actually he is probably better on a wakeboard than most the people checkin out this site. he choosese not to wakeboard anymore cause wakeskating is where its at! he is a true innovator and a legend to say the least. haters keep it up… you guys suck!

  21. grubb sucks Says:

    its not hating….he was good back in the day but theres only so many indy shuvs and 360 variations a man can do….lets see some tech flip tricks or anything besides wake to wake shuvs and 360s.

  22. The Boss Says:

    Grubb Sucks, so you want everybody to do all the same stuff? Don’t get me wrong, I love Andy, Nick and Reed’s different flip variations, but it is a different kind of cool doing sick stuff like that behind the boat.
    Yes you might like one more than the other but that doesn’t mean the other isn’t still legit and fun to watch.

  23. Haha Says:

    Love all the Grubb backing. You guys are right, Grubb was good 10 years ago and he’s still good at doing the same tricks he was doing 10 years ago. But let’s face it, he’s washed up. Yes Grubb is fun to watch ride behind the boat, be let’s keep him behind the boat. Watching him winch is like watching Tony Hawk skate street. It just doesn’t work. The same goes for wakeboarders, stay behind the boat goofballs. You guys are too funny. Stop trying to be something you’re not.

  24. Ejazzle Says:

    how can someone be washed up if they are still winning contests?

  25. Haha Says:

    Who cares about boat contests anymore? This is 2010.

  26. jimmy Says:

    wakeskating’s for fags who are too afraid to take a digger


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