Ryan Potter and I had been heading up to Koppert lake every Wednesday in the fall, and I always brought my camera but never had decent weather. The sun parted for a few hours and I snapped off a few good shots from the tube! enjoy. — Bryan Swarm

vince by bos

Summer fun at the Basecamp with Vince Whiteman. Remember summer? Photo: Alija Bos

bobby sipe by bangerter

This shot of Bobby Sipe was taken at the end of the Summer here in Nor Cal.  A friend of ours called us up and said, “Hey I have access to a pond where we can build rails!” We decided to go out and put up a couple rails and have a good end of season rail sesh, but when we arrived we saw this bridge hanging out over the pond. Bobby immediately decided to do some drops off the end if I would snap some pics. After a few drops he finally rode away and we then had a great day hitting rails.  Dad’s Pond, Lincoln, CA. — Riley Bangerter

mike backbig -1-7

Mike Garbino makes a splash at the Projects. Back Big. Photo: Ej Peterson