January 22nd, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

David Hanson. Pole Jam over the rainbow. Photo: Roland Lugo

Keaton Bowlby at home at the Projects. Nose Blunt. Photo: Mike Garbarino

Gamblers Gap gets a new purpose. Brandon Rau. Front board. Photo Ryan Dahlem

The look an Andrew Pastura’s face tells you all you need to know. Kickflip. Photo: Tyler Hartung

24 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: January 22, 2010”

  1. Russell Says:

    nice B.Rau

  2. ¿seriously? Says:

    Nose blunt?? Really? Lame as fuck? Come on Brooke greery..and Waldo we’ve seen enough buddy..

  3. ¿seriously? Says:

    Oh and Dave’s shot is sick as fuck!

  4. dirtnasty Says:

    B RAU killen it

  5. Keaton Bowlby Says:

    nice shot of rau.
    no thats not a noseblunt. waldo?? i do have a name.

  6. lameshit Says:

    why is roland shot so shiity? you cant even see whats going on? And photoshop much? learn how to take pictures.

    If keaton got a penny for all the times he has done that trick on that little baby box he would be a millionaire. that box should never be photographed ever…..

  7. brookegeery Says:

    Looks like a noseblunt to me. Or would you prefer I call it sideways nose press?

  8. mish Says:

    mish ya rau, nice shot, back tail it next time.

  9. snake Says:

    Yeah Rolo and Dave! Sick!
    B Rau keepin’ it left coast!

  10. notboating Says:

    I love the fact that none of the snaps are boat shots….

    long live the winch and cable!

  11. Krista Bre Says:

    niCE pHOTO babbYy…..gETTin RaudY at GamblErs lEFT coast Is the bEST Coasttt

  12. Tad Says:

    Ya Brandon, that shot is sick! That rail is legit!

  13. daum Says:

    Thats a sick shot Roland and if you have a problem with it your a STOOP

  14. moofasa Says:

    yes. i second that roland shot looks poopoo. photoshop job gone bad

  15. Ge Says:


  16. OTT Says:

    Ya Rau!!!! Dave!!!!!!!! Andy make is just too good!

  17. OTT Says:

    KB You make me mad you ride that sexy 2.0 all the time

  18. Beni Horan Says:

    damn!!!!!! brandon thats a sickphoto! and i havent seen anything as far out as daves ever! ahaha nice one dave!

  19. Gabe Says:

    Radical shots and tricks everyone. All of these moves are way cooler to see than another w2w 360, I dig em all. I haven’t heard so much shit talking since a football game or ufc fight though and those things are both lame. So I guess were stooping to those sports’ level now

  20. Kyle Hyams Says:

    Yeah Rau, nice shot!

  21. Ian Walton Says:

    yeaah brandon sick FB, but i wish that rail was a little more red

  22. James Says:

    Rau staying classy!

  23. waterdancer11 Says:

    all this commotion over a nose blunt…i’ll eat it for breakfast!

  24. Milagrosfan Says:

    To those idiots that know NOTHING about good photography, get a clue before making derogatory comments.
    These photographers put their heart and soul into their work and the reputable magazines and companies that use their photos do not waste their time with mediocre work.


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