July 16th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

A classic moment from a classy guy. Stu Shinn, photo: Bryan Soderlind

Brian Grubb in a one-man race to the finish line! Photo: Riley Bangerter

It’s not an easy job keeping small children entertained enough to let you winch. Stefan Schriewer succeeds in Texas! Photo: Geery

13 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: July 16, 2010”

  1. feeping it fresh Says:

    were any of these shot in july?

    yeh didnt think so

  2. keithlant Says:

    stus shot is sooooo classy.

  3. Bret Little Says:

    stefan’s shot was in mid june, that’s pretty fresh…

  4. get the funk outta my face Says:

    does it matter? 3 sick shots this week! i mean its pretty hard to follow up reeds baby snapper. C’MON MAN!

  5. shredvolution4Lyfe Says:


  6. MikeG Says:

    im not sure if you would call a “tail press” down a huge spill way a “banger” but hey to each his own. sure isnt my cup of tea, but the other two shots are money!

  7. shredvolution4Lyfe Says:

    You can’t tail press on a wakeskate r-tard, that’s a manny.

  8. Sandro Says:

    lol i prefer tail press over manual… we dont have back wheels to balance on…

  9. MikeG Says:

    ok shredvolution then how do you do a manny on a wakeskate when it doesnt have wheels? Sandro has got it right not a manny. Good try though, you should probally stick to wakeboarding where its very cool and legit to do tail presses down gaps!!!!!!

  10. shredvolution4Lyfe Says:

    Ok smartie pants so show me how it’s possible to “press” a wakeskate when they don’t flex?!?!

  11. MikeG Says:

    you “press” a wakeskate by putting more pressure on the nose or tail dummy! and check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roFhQFmgfFA now tell me wakeskates dont flex.

  12. shredvolution4Lyfe Says:

    Good example, I forgot most wakeskaters are 8,000 lbs and ride their wakeskates upside down.

  13. RIley Says:

    Grub wasn’t pressing he was leaning back to get ready to hit the water at 30+ miles an hour.


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