June 25th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Talk about effective sticker placement. Grant Roberts. Tail grab. Photo: Vaughn Spencer

Clint Tompkins knows how to entertain a crowd. Shuv. Photo: Geery

Danny Hampson isn’t afraid of a little off roading. Rock-ride. Photo: Soderlind

7 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: June 25, 2010”

  1. TimB Says:

    man how sick is danny – so wish I could rock up to a spot and ride left or right foot forward depending on what would be be the best . Can’t wait for this movie to come out – also any1 know on how much longer more than machines is filming for – reckon we must be due another trailor..

  2. Braden Ioi Says:

    the fake lens flare ruins grants photo. danny is the man tho!

  3. wader Says:

    danny ftw

  4. Jonny wakeboarder Says:

    1st photo-

    I agree, the fake lens flare is pretty damn lame…!
    Also too bad the photographer couldn’t get into a better position so he could expose for the riders face and you’d actually be able to see who it is…
    One more thing BULLS EYE! Learn something about composition…

  5. Vaughn Spencer Says:

    Braden and Jonny,

    thanks for the comments and critiques*. agreed looking at it again, I could have done without it… Just gettin started….

    jonny what do you mean BULLS EYE? I was just stoked to be out on the water….

  6. big boy Says:

    great pic of danny

  7. Fish Says:

    thats no lens flare thats a UFO, grant be fuckin wit them intergalactic beings, fox best show a nigga some cheese other wise imma get ET up on ya wit that glowing finger.


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