March 26th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

If you want to learn how to do a varial flip rewind, Travis Doran would be the man to teach you. Photo: Roland Lugo

Winching with the girls. Jen Gilanfarr, shuv at Metro West. Photo: Ally Boothroyd

Sorry, but if you go fishing at a cable park, there’s a good chance you are gonna get ollied over. Jasper Sibbers. Photo: Oliver Leyba

10 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: March 26, 2010”

  1. Facebook User Says:

    nice jen!

  2. Ally Says:

    Yeah Jenny!! Boosted :-D

  3. JP Says:

    Yea Jenny! Gap Killer!

  4. Krista Bre Says:

    jEnn gEttIN gaPPY!!!! i LOve IT kiLLer…..sHrEddd

  5. Tynna Rosero Says:

    its nice to see some girl action here..good job jen and ally! :)

  6. Britt Says:

    yeah jen- get some!!

  7. Jamees Says:

    Can’t go wrong with Travis on the skate and Roland behind the lens!

  8. Seth Cathy Says:

    getting busted by the cops at metro west is no fun.

  9. Jan Grabski Says:

    Yeah Jaaaaasper, nice ollie action…sweet

  10. JDanger Says:

    Thanks amigo’s & Ally for shooting!

    Sick shot Rolo!


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