March 5th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

This week, it’s an all-flat rail edition of Snaps. Nick Taylor. Front board big spin. Photo: Roland Lugo

Matt Manzari. Front board. Photo: Garrett Cortese

Stu Shinn on the infamous Nan flat bar. photo Mike Garbarino

16 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: March 5, 2010”

  1. legit Says:

    Is Matt wearing a sweatshirt?

  2. Patrick Wieland Says:

    matts wearing a flannel

  3. Llyod Says:

    Its a cardigan, but thanx for asking…

  4. jazzle Says:

    MG blowin up! good work mike and everyone else!

  5. Russell Says:

    nice work ro/0.. Love it

  6. Ty Mangus Says:

    rolands the man!

  7. Krista Bre Says:

    tHE liGHtING in NiCky Ts ShoT is dope…nICE rOland

  8. Yohan Says:

    OmG I aGrEe!1!111!!!!OnE kEwL bEaNs

  9. James Mcguigan Says:

    Rolando and Nick is always a great combo!

  10. bryan swarm Says:

    nice work roland! super fresh photo

  11. Sawyer Davis Says:

    roland… that shot is gonzo

  12. Max Says:

    Roland’s pic is the only awesome legit pic in here. Alliance when you gonna stop posting cliche pictures? I mean haven’t you seen sunset shots and photos through cat tails enough?? Real talk.

  13. Wakeboarder Says:

    With the amount you wakeskaters complain, it’s amazing Alliance bothers to post anything wakeskating at all.

  14. J Flo Says:

    Real Talk: Haters wanna play hard. I won’t pretend to be mad. I’ll just disregard you like my memory’s bad.

  16. meow Says:

    3 frontboards in a row


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