October 29th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

The 2010 Toe Jam packed so much wakeskating action into one day that it’s kind of hard to forget. But just in case you have, we  present a little Toe Jam Flashback. Jump in your time machine and travel to September 11, 2010. All photos by James Berti

Andrew Pastura on the way up.

And on the way back.

Grant Roberts

Reed Hansen

Austin Pastura

Yan Lecomte

3 Responses to “Weekly Snaps: Toe Jam Rail Jam Flashback Edition”

  1. Tynna Rosero Says:

    board control relies on your retard hand

  2. Chace Shortt Says:

    nah thats his remote control senser on his remote wakeskate lol =D

  3. Evan Phillips Says:

    lovin pastura’s claw hand


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