by JAM

I have been having a good time shooting over the past month or so. As the days go by I find myself taking so many photos and not really being able to do anything with them. They are just sitting around filling up my hard drive. Well, here is my answer, a little view in to what has been happening and what I have been shooting. This mix of photos are from when I made my way south to clearwater to shred with Tad, over to the east coast (tourist central), cocoa beach to do some ocean winching with some of the scene 1 crew, and some shots from some sick winch spots around orlando. In between all that traveling we have been getting some good riding time in and some good shots on lake nan and pearl. Hopefully that has set you guys and girls up for the pictures that are going with this little article. They aren’t all from one trip or all from the same day, lets just think of it as a way to show some of the action that has been going down around here lately. It isn’t going to stop here. Summer is pretty much in full swing, at least for me it is, so that means more wakeskating and more pictures. I hope you enjoy seeing pictures of Andrew Pastura because he seems to follow me around, or maybe I am the one following him around. It’s a tough call. I have a feeling that the amount of progression we see over this summer is going to be mind blowing.


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