That’s right we said it. Captain Hook aka Matt Hooker is finally back in Orlando and ready for a big year. We caught up with him yesterday at the toe Jam and had the opportunity to find out “what’s next?”


Next tattoo: Umm I don’t know, but i’ll probably get it on the next cross country remote trip. It’s a tradition.


Next album you’ll buy: Maybe that new T-Rex album? We jammed out to it around the campfire last night here at the projects and the vibes were good.


Next project you’ll need power tools for: We’ll definitely need some tools once this Toe Jam stop is over so we can modify the set up a bit for some Remote shooting.


Next trick you’ll master: Hmmm. Well shit. I’m just hoping to hit a shuv it when I get back on the water (sarcastically)! Seriously though, triple flip down the drop is on!


                                 Watch out kids, the captain is about to trip flip out of this one…!


Next movie you’ll see: Oh I want to see that movie Ted with Mark Wahlberg, but to be honest, I probably won’t. It’s getting harder and harder to get to the movies these days.


Next website you’ll visit: I don’t know, I hardly get on the Internet anymore either. Probably yahoo and then over to Bank of America’s site to make Sure the funds are flush.


Next car you hope to own: I’m pretty happy with my F150 these days, so maybe jut an upgrade there If needed.


Next product order you’ll make: I’m gonna hit up Teva for some footwear. There are some new shoes that just dropped called the fusions that should freshen up my look these days.


Next wakeskate graphic: Well right now my Kramer graphic is treating me well but since Remote does all their graphics quarterly I’ll be working with Tad Mathews very soon on the next designs.


Next winch trip: Either to Texas or Tennessee in June, just before the Remote cross country trip kicks off. It’ll be a great warm up for the big adventure filming for Remote’s first team video.