If you are a resident wakeskater in the Orlando or perhaps greater Orlando area or even across the state of Florida, then you have probably been noticing how windy it has been for the past week or so.  Don't let it get you down though!  It's easy to get so caught up in wakeskating and frustrated at choppy water that you lose touch with reality at times, so here are a few ideas to get your mind right again while the winds keep you at bay.

1) Ride a bicycle.  It seems so simple, but it's amazing.  I hadn't ridden a bike in so long and just started again and I love it.  This is not only very pleasant on windy days (keeps you cool), but it is straight up fun.  Get a gang together, maybe attach a stereo to one of the bikes, and go on an adventure.   You can ride for miles and have fun the whole way.  Don't have a bike?  CraigsList it.

2) Go Sailing.  See if you can get your hands on a good sunfish or Hobie Cat, or any other type of little sailer under 16 foot.  The wind will turn into your best friend, and you'll start whining when you hit calm areas.

3) Winch.  Most winch spots are hardly affected by windy conditions.  Go get some.

4) Build a treehouse.  You can write some poetry in it or something later.

5) Paint.  Pick a wall in your room or house and get painting.  Go wild, do whatever you want with it.  Maybe you feel like recreating the recent Alliance Wakeskate in sfumato-style painting techniques (it would seem appropriate).  Or just paint it solid.  Either way, painting is definitely relaxing, and you won't be freaking about gas prices the whole time.

 6) Play a banjo. 

 Happy Windesday!