January 18th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

It ain’t easy being a filmer in the wakeskate world. You have to manage whiny wakeskaters, worry about your expensive equipment getting wet, and deal with those dang photographers always trying to get in your shot. The filmers on this list make it happen though, and thanks to them we all get to see the amazing progression of wakeskating second hand. It could even be argued that because of filmers, progression is moving faster than ever; they give everyone the chance watch and analyze what’s happening before trying it themselves. So, we figured, it was time to put them in the limelight and let you guys vote for which filmer you like best. The winner will get bragging rights as wakeskating’s favorite filmer, so take this vote very seriously!

Who's your most favorite wakeskate filmer?

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86 Responses to “You Choose Polls: Favorite Filmer”

  1. zach Says:

    dirtycracker ftw all these guys are sik but dirtykraker is out there every week making it happen.

  2. matt sacc Says:

    You don’t even have the best in the north up, Mr. Dan “the real ginger” Hughes him slef.

  3. hater Says:

    quantity > quality all the way !!!11!!1!

  4. Jordan Coffey Says:

    Tad, Vince, and Mitch, in no particular order if I could vote three times

  5. Party Says:

    uggggg pwieland is the worst.

  6. Edgar Perez Says:

    Jon Fear!! you are the man!!!

  7. Evan Says:

    gunna have to give it to Mitch, FTG is the sickest thing that happened to wakeskating

  9. Facebook User Says:


  10. Facebook User Says:

    Josh Jansson!!!! My fav!!! Way to forget him!! This poll sucks!!

  11. Evan Says:

    actually, theres a tie Mitch and scene one crew

  12. concerned Says:

    why the hell is vince,mitch even on this list? second how are they beating Scene One. Mitch videos are nothing special. And then vince. he lives in canada and makes like 1 web video a year…

    VOTE FOR FUNBOOTS! because it makes wakeskating all it can be!

  13. Brad Says:

    Worst poll ever. Like anyone cares. Dirtycracker probably posted this himself.

  14. HAHA Says:

    Damn Wakeskaters are whiny! Listen to them all bitch about this contest!

  15. chris Says:

    What about Zak Stone from OTT?

  16. seriously Says:

    whats up with all these web video people?

  17. pwieland Says:

    I totally posted this!

  18. dirty Says:

    This shit is rigged Patrick Wieland should not even be on this list!

  19. Trevor James Peterson Says:

    RYAN LIGHT Bitchesssss texas wakeskating is just better haha

  20. Facebook User Says:

    Ryan Light should be on this list as well.

    Hat goes off to Dieter for having sick cinematography.

    – Mitch Cobb

  21. Wong Says:

    FTG baby!

  22. Tad Says:

    Dang! Maybe I should have posted this as my facebook status. I really wanted those bragging rights!

  23. Andy Says:

    All of these guys have documented wake-skating exceptionally well and have shown us some amazing things. But none of them have really pushed the filmmaking side as far as it should go.

  24. welovetad Says:

    poor tad is said he has no friends. ;( i votef for you tad because i am not a machine

  25. Jzent Says:

    Diets!!! Andrew Curr does verry good video as well!

  26. Staker Says:

    How do I only have 59 votes do the 15K+ downloads of Aquafrolics count as votes. How about add up all these videos and multiply it by about 8 and you still wont have as many views of one of the movies I filmed last year. Here’s a free copy of Aquafrolics http://www.nike.com/nke6/aquafrolics/

  27. zach Says:

    dam staker just put ftg in the garbage where it belongs

  28. triggamike Says:

    get more butt hurt staker, its an online poll on a small website

    i guess you should take it as a compliment mitch that everyone is hating so hardcore

  29. pwieland Says:

    hate=compliments. at least thats how i look at it…

  30. haha Says:

    patrick, you truly are retarded…

  31. Nathan Beels Says:

    Ryan Light! His videos are always shot and chopped better then most! Plus he builds all his own gear!!!

  32. James Says:

    way to be a douche bag Staker, lost all my respect…

  33. vinny Says:

    John Fear is my hero! U may be last on the pole buddy but your number one in our hearts! thanks for all the great shots and always pushing for that one more winch pull even tho everyone was tired and down. U really have made riding and filming a better experience when your around! cant wait 2 see what u do with your new HD cam for 2010! One love 420 films!

  34. Staker Says:

    Hey James that’s Mr Douche Bag to you……

  35. BS Says:

    Hey James, you have no idea how big of a douche bag he really is. But, still have some respect, it is Mr. Douche Bag.

  36. Staker Says:

    Wow thanks BS.. I would also except “Mr A$$hole” or “Mr Only in it for the money” because let me tell you its one hell of a payday.

  37. BS Says:

    Way to go James, now he’s never going to stop. You only have yourself to thank for this rant.

  38. Keaton Bowlby Says:

    i think heads will turn in 2010.

  39. pwieland Says:

    maybe heads will roll? Im looking forward to 2012 when the world ends…

  40. James Says:

    Mr. Douche Bag, no shit there is no money! I’m still way in the negative from We’re Just Skiing but you don’t see me complaining about a stupid poll. Do it for the love and support of the industry not the fame buddy..!

  41. Staker Says:

    Thanks for the life lesson james and also thanks for picking up on the sarcasm from all the earlier post. Ask anyone, if you cut me I bleed Wake industry. My not making money and doing it for the love of the sport started in the mid 90’s and continues today, so whos just sking now.

  42. Ben Says:

    I heard Aquafrolics was downloaded over 30K a month ago. Just my two cents.

  43. Tiger Says:

    I`ve been busy lately, but I saw Nike 6.0`s aquafrolics and thought it had the most innovative riding to date, the angles used to film it were amazing and new. Nice work Staker. He`s also the picture of the voting page. My vote went to him.

  44. Diets Says:


  45. Duck Says:

    pwie – how many computers did you get on and vote for yourself?

  46. bob Says:

    To be completely honest, i think anyone of them could have been best filmer other then dirty cracker.

  47. pwieland Says:

    I just wanna openly admit that staker has been one of my inspirations for the longest time. So just too be on the same poll with staker is awesome. I personally voted for staker.

  48. I heart Matt Says:

    How could you not vote for Staker? look at that aggressive filming stance!

  49. jammer Says:

    josh janson??? you mean josh johnson…….

  50. Patrick Moore Says:

    Gotta go with Staker. Known him my whole life and well, he’s the only person on the list I know.
    Nice work Stacker!

  51. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    Most controversial post of 2010.

  52. Sawyer Davis Says:

    is aquafrolics available on dvd or just download/stream? thanks for that reminder.. my previous line at work was firewalled like a mofo. this line w/ let it flo

    thanks to all you filmers, that being said….now hook it up, we need some new footy for the big screens.

    btw, was andy p an extra in never back down

  53. KIm Says:

    GOTTA go with Staker. He is my brother after all. :) Love ya MATT!!!

  54. Tad Says:

    Sawyer, just because all these filmers aren’t lurking on everyone’s Projects sets and making half ass edits for alliancetube, doesn’t mean they aren’t busting their asses filming everyday. Some people actually like using decent footage and making wakeskating look good.

    That’s the difference between people who love wakeskating and people who love to name drop for web hits and a paycheck.

    This poll is hilarious, along with the people who are letting it get to their head. Good vibes, all around. Haha.

  55. BS Says:

    Staker, leave James alone – jet skiers have feelings too.

  56. Steve Says:

    Hey tad skallwags truly sucked. I honestly could not watch half of that damn movie. After 5 minutes of jetski lines and shaky filming i was so over it. I honestly just deleted it off my computer and filled the space with boogieboarding viedeos that are better than that. You need to take a step back and look at your own filming before you start talking about someone else’s. Take notes on dieters filming or anyone else. Just because you have a 3500 dollar camera and go to full sail DOES NOT mean you know how to film. If your peers or professors approved scallywags, that school is a joke. Keep on suckin and keep talkin crap. I cant understand why you are even on this poll

  57. pwieland Says:

    wow that was harsh steve i get my fair share of hate and wish it on no one. cant we all just realize this poll was just in good fun. i wakeskated last night it was fun….

  58. Danielle Says:

    steve… ur a kook.

  59. BS Says:

    This is like that MTV show “Teen Mom”, but with wakeboarders. Awesome! I’m going to get some popcorn, right now. Any way we can pause the action til I get back?

  60. BS Says:

    Okay, I’m back.

  61. Tad Says:

    Steven, you take that back! Haha. Thanks for the critic bud. Butttttttt, I filmed that video before I started Full Sail.. and I’m not even in the film program. But nice try. Why do you think I gave it away for free? Haha. I didn’t ask to be on this poll and I’ve never claimed that my videos were good.

  62. BS Says:

    Wow. There hasn’t been this much dramaaaa in the wake world since Jim Leatherman fought Ricky Gonzalez on the sidewalk in front of Maakos!

  63. Stef Tor Says:

    who put in all the years with Volume

  64. HAHA Says:

    Wakeskaters are little girls

  65. Josh Robinson Says:

    Staker is the man, man… And has been since the get-go.

    And yeah, Brandon deserves props too.

  66. Pat Says:

    yeah why is Brandon Parker not in this poll? After all he did completely change the look of Volume for the better and def for the benefit of wakeskating…

  67. Shawn P Says:

    i was told to read this… and man, this is an wild post. lots of criticism, but sometimes that’s good. the truth hurts. and sometimes it’s a kick in the ass someone needs to get out of the same cookie cutter shit they produce. in a world where wakeskating videos have become increasingly boring and repetitive, it’s refreshing to see people try new things. it’s too bad almost noone does. after all, being creative is fucking tough. especially in wakeskating, and even more so in wakeskating videos. all i ask is anyone thinking of making a movie give it some serious thought. i think deep down we all want to make videos but just because you like to cook doesn’t mean you should start a restaurant. in the words of the wonder kid “delegate creativity to creative professionals” -ryan howard. oh, i voted for staker. easiest decision i ever made.

  68. James Berti Says:

    too many douche bags on here…all unreal filmers, could go to anyone

  69. pwieland Says:


  70. Steve Says:

    that was NOT crit bud. your shit sucks. talk about a waste of time.

  71. Facebook User Says:

    this got out of hand real quick.

    why didnt anyone tell me the cheese was so damn good!?!?

  72. James Berti Says:

    Waste of time? Says the guy who spends his time trying to make filmers feel shitty about their work…Thats the waste of time buddy…

  73. Debbie Says:


  74. Justin Says:

    How can you not vote for High Stakes? I mean, he’s the friggin’ poster boy of this contest!

  76. Rose Anna Martincak Says:

    pwieland said it best – Staker is an inspiration…
    who else is there?

  77. Riley Says:

    Let’s lock everyone in a cage and fight to the death. Who ever wins takes the gold.

  78. pwieland Says:

    well thats easy! Ive been training to be a cage fighter

  79. eric Says:

    dirtycracker does make some sick shit

  80. James Balzer Says:

    ben horan staker for sure it was so fun filming the nike video. one of the coolest things i have ever done! and staker said i might take his job one day!

  81. Robert Pigeson Says:

    Balzer, what are you talking about?

    You suck at filming… i have seen those shots you get with your point and shoot digital. WEEEEAAAAKKK.

  82. Housten Roberts Says:

    Ive been in the wake industry a long time… long enough to know that high stakes cannot win a fight…. but, he can film really well.

    If you have watched Aquafrolics more than once, then you should have voted for Stakes.

  83. McKee Says:

    This is bullshit. I make the best video’s ever. why am i not on the list? did no one watch the BT edit I did with the go pro’s? Every landing was to the beat. I heard staker doesnt even do his own editing! ha

  84. pwieland Says:

    man this was fun! i guess we can all agree staker is the victor.

  85. Hive Winch Says:

    Staker bleeds Wake Industry!!! I LOVE IT!!! Matt I still wanna pull you yo yo!!!

    Ron Seidewayzenglanz is a good filmer too! just my $0.02.

  86. RS Says:

    Big ups to all the filmers in the poll, but Stakes takes it all the way! Most of you either forgot or don’t know that Staker has been in the industry since you were in diapers so of course you will talk trash. You’ll never be on the level as Matt Staker, learn your wake history.


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