September 20th, 2009 by staff


Cort-easy, G-ride, G, Man-Perv, The Garrett Pants, and Titty-Warhol. All these names are used in casual conversation when speaking quietly about the fresh, camera-seducing editor-at-large for Alliance. The Nor-Cal to Orlando transplant victim can be seen drinking Coors by the bucket load whilst watching ESPN naked on a sofa shaving his chest to say certain inappropriate camera phrases, like “Real Men Do It Without a Lens Cap”, or “I Literally Just Made Love To My Digital SLR … Seriously Guys … I Need A New Camera Now.” Garrett has camera skills the likes of which are in such high demand he has a velvet rope outside his bedroom/office. He also shaves his head when he gets wasted. He’s glorious.

2 Responses to “Garrett Cortese – Editor”

  2. Nathan Vetter Says:

    woah… that wasnt supposed to send yet. obviously…

    but I recently was out shooting with Brodie Chaboya and had a couple shots I was hoping to submit to you. If you could shoot me directions on how you would like that done that would be rad.

    Hope to hear back soon.
    Nathan Vetter


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