Dieter Humpsch photographed by Bryan Soderlind.


This amazing photo was featured as the opening spread in the 2011 photo annual from our Bro’s over at Alliance US. It’s one of the most unique and powerful wakeskate photograph’s to come across our desk in a long while, plus it comes from the collaboration of two of the most unique people in our sport: Bryan Soderlind and Dieter Humpsch. They call it the “RB” (a Ryan Byerly tribute) a.k.a. the frontside slash indy hip skimmer slaysh, and below are the full details on how the picture came to life…


From Dieter:

What is the official name of this move?

The RB? The “something to do when you get to the end of the lake” trick?

Where was the photo taken?

On little lake Sawyer in Windermere, FL. It’s my new stomping ground.

 How many times did you do the trick for the camera?

Maybe 4 or 5 times? It was early, Bear might know more about that.

What’s the key to making this trick so awesome?

I guess try drop the back knee and put all your wieght on the nose. I reckon the faster you go the higher your bucket throwing factor will be. Oh and a nice sheet of morning glass helps too.

How fast were you going?

Around 30 MPH.

Did you bust your ass or nearly hit a dock at some point?

No, there weren’t any docks around that time.

What’s the enema factor for this trick on a scale of 1-10?

Hah. If that happens then you probably did it wrong. Its more of a side hip skimmer if anything.



From Bryan Soderlind:

What camera / lens did you use?
Pentax 67 w/ 300mm ED lens, manual focus (like a boss? haha)

What settings? any filters?
1000 @5.6 maybe a warming filter can’t really remember

Diets only did it three times and I took three pictures since my camera doesn’t sequence.  All of them were pretty cool but this one he was a little tighter in the frame.  I’m pretty sure it was Dieter’s idea as it is pretty tough to get good wakeskate shots of someone riding ski, so we brainstormed before he rode.  Southside Steve drove me on the jetski to a spot in the lake where it was about neck deep so I stood on my tiptoes and waited for Dieter coming around the turn.  I didn’t get sprayed at all by Diets either.  It should be noted that this is Ryan Byerly’s go to move on the turns and I was pretty psyched when Dieter started busting them out as RB has always been an inspiration!