Way to greet someone
Best: Hi how’s it going?
Worst: Hi… awkward pause

Thing about being Irish
Best: The weather, I absolutely love rain and wind!
Worst: When abroad people asking if you know “John” their cousin in Ireland

Places you’ve ever ridden
Best: Boardalign Wakeboard Camp South Africa, and of course the States
Worst: Riding is riding, there is nowhere really bad that I have been

Thing about energy drinks?
Best: They taste delicious and give you energy!
Worst: They are very addictive, especially Relentless!

Trends in wakeboarding
Best: No boardshorts over wetsuits! It is catching on!
Worst: Wearing boardshorts over a wetsuit. Especially with a long suit, what were they thinking?

Gadget or toy you’ve ever bought
Best: GoPed, 25cc Stand up petrol scooter. I bought it when I was 11 and it still starts on the button today!
Worst: I don’t think I have bought a bad gadget to date

Computer games
Best: NBA live 2003
Worst: COD!

Types of rails
Best: A nice long easy A-frame, can’t beat them!
Worst: Steep incline

Thing about Orlando
Best : The humongous wakes, they are crazy!
Worst: Coming home and all the wakes are tiny

Excuse for falling on a simple trick
Best: Whoops
Worst: The time David Coates claimed that he thought the clouds were the water

Thing about the internet
Best: You can look anything up
Worst: I am addicted to it

Thing about being a pro rider
Best: Travelling and wakeboarding lots
Worst: All the emailing. It’s not too bad though

Way to spend an evening
Best: Doing laps around the town with the boyracers!
Worst: In a restaurant all night long

Boat trick
Best: Fashion air. Love them!
Worst: Toeside wake to wake, no grab

Cable trick
Best: Bumslide on the rails or a nice big Roll to blind
Worst: Backrolls

Thing about people not knowing how to say your name
Best: Conversation starter, and listening to people’s attempts at saying/spelling it
Worst: Not being able to book anything over the phone cause they don’t have a clue what I’m saying

Way to ‘claim’ a trick
Best: Going wild
Worst: Nodding as if its nothing, you just learnt a new trick, go mad!

Thing about shooting photos
Best: The feeling of doing a nice trick with a lot of style that you would never do without a camera there
Worst: Doing the same tricks over and over again to get the right pic

Part of traveling the world
Best: Seeing lots of places and eating in loads of different MacDonalds! (Korea had a MacDeliveries!)
Worst: Jet laggggggggggggggggg