Way to greet someone
Best: Hug
Worst: Nod

Thing about being British
Best: Not needing a visa to get into most countries
Worst: The Weather

Places you’ve ever ridden
Best: Thailand, at Thai Wake Park

Thing about energy drinks?
Best: The buzz
Worst: So sugary, they rot your teeth

Trends in wakeboarding
Best: No shorts

Gadget or toy you’ve ever bought
Best: iPhone and Macbook Pro
Worst:Alarm clock, I hate it

Types of rails
Best: Long Flat Bar
Worst: incline rail

Thing about being a female rider in the UK
Best: Playing a part in the growth of the sport
Worst:Lack of recognition

Excuse for falling on a simple trick
Best: Blaming a bad handle
Worst: Choppy water

Thing about the internet
Best: Answers are easy to find!
Worst: When it freezes

Thing about being a pro rider
Best: Being looked after by some good sponsors
Worst: There is never a bad thing

Way to spend an evening
Best: Chilling with some friends and watching a film

Boat trick
Best: Spins
Worst: Toeside

Cable trick
Best: Roll to blind

Thing about having James as your older brother
Best: He helps me out
Worst: He’s a miserably git at times!

Way to ‘claim’ a trick
Best: Big miles
Worst: The ‘Look Back’

Thing about shooting photos
Best: Getting some good action shots
Worst:Having to wait for the right weather conditions, especially in England

Part of travelling the world
Best: Getting to meet fellow riders from around the world
Worst: Jet-lag and being away from my own bed