The UKs newest wake park first opened its doors almost a month ago now and since their soft launch Festival Wake Park have had nothing but rave reviews about all aspects of the park. The place is simply phenomenal and now its time to shout this to the world, this coming weekend Festival Wake Park will hosts its grand opening, everything is now 100% perfect and ready to show the rest of the cable parks how its done!

Festival now has what is arguably the best collection of rails of any park in the UK, all expertly put together by the team at Industry Wake Parks, we just held the 2013 Mystic photoshoot there yesterday and shredded the fun box for the first time and it is pure perfection! The rails are made by riders for riders, with something for everyone, super floaty kickers perfect for spinning, a huge Red Bull kicker that will be used at Harbour Reach, 2 massive rails and more. Add to this a cable higher and tighter than many others in the UK and you create a wakeboarder wet dream!

To celebrate the official opening the government has decided to grant another bank holiday, or it could be because of the Queen, who knows, but either way this huge 4 day weekend will be one to remember at Festival.

To kick things off we have a full demo, Hyperlite, Ronix, CWB and Mystic there in force, then the Mystic Big Air followed by a party to mark the opening of the Festival Boardsports Store, and rumour has it the Red Bull girls will be there to lead the party on to the clubs in Bas Vegas after. To top this off some of the UKs best athletes will be there including our team and more so if its advise you want or some huge air tricks to photograph we have plenty to keep you satisfied.

So to make sure you don’t miss out on any action check out the schedule below.

Saturday 2nd June – Cable opens at 10, WSW demo kit available from the shop all day long, with a few of the pro team on hand to coach and chat.

Sunday 3rd June – Cable opens at 10, full demo day, 40 boards and boots from all brands on the dock ready to use, Nick Davies, Tor Young and others ready to kit you out in the demo kit of your choice.

Monday 4th June – THE BIG ONE – Cable opens at 10, full demo day like Sunday, Mystic Big Air starts with the amateur competition at 6pm, then the pro comp at 7pm, free entry, 2 hits of the big, best trick wins, easy! The Red Bull team will be there in their DJ truck rocking the place as always! Then once the prizes have been given out, into the Festival Boardsports shop for a few drinks and to toast the opening of the store and cable, and for those of you still standing the Red Bull girls will lead the night further into Bas Vegas where the WSW team will swap air tricks for bar tricks!

Tuesday 5th June – The only way to clear a hangover is with a face plant! So hit the cable at 10am sharp when it opens and make the most of this extra day off, demo kit available once again from the shop with some of the team again around for any questions!

What a weekend! Spread the word and see on the dock!