After a year off the water, NickyD is back and ripping on his new 2012 Hyperlite Process, so we caught up with Nick to ask about his new shape ahead of it’s launch next season.

SB: Hey Nick, how’s things? Is it good to be back on the water?
ND: Hey Sim, yeah all good thanks mate, loving riding again! Finally after 9 months off I’m doing what I love to do again!
SB: So tell me about your new Pro Model for 2012?
ND: Yeah for my 2012 Process, the mould is the same for the 2011 but have changed the graphics up, a bit different for next year but I’m loving them! Bit darker and clean, but still got a lot of energy in there, also Hyperlite have new removable fins that act like molded fins now, so its even more fun for rails and kickers!
SB: Is it good to be riding the board now, was it weird how you practically missed out on riding your 2011 Process completely after the knee surgery?
ND: Yea haha finally riding it, after all the input I put in I couldn’t even ride it! But now I’m all fresh and loving it, board’s got mad pop!
SB: What about the graphics, there’s some pretty complex stuff in there. Who was the artist this year at Hyperlite?
ND: Yeah at Hyperlite this year they have taken on a new art designer and we had a sit down and went through what things I like and we came up with this, well happy with it too, as for next year pretty much all my stuff is a bit darker and black and purple, so should look pretty fresh and clean, cant wait for my boot’s, were doing these now!
SB: What is your set up going into 2012? (board size, boots and binding)
ND: I’ll be riding the Process 142 and the Webb boot’s, until my boots get launched for me mid season which I’m excited about!
SB: Cheers mate, and it’s great to see you back on the water.
ND: Cheers Sim! Thanks again mate! Once again loving being back out on the water!